AIM A/V Room: Socialists Aren’t Hot on Obama Anymore [Video]

    Fresh from the Accuracy in Media A/V Room: What’s better than watching eloquent protesters detail everything that is wrong with President Obama’s policies? Watching leftist eloquent protesters detail everything that is wrong with President Obama’s policies. Four former supporters of the President make some blazing criticisms of the Commander and Chief in some sweltering heat. Benjamin Johnson finds out that the romance with these former | Read More »

    2012 Redistricred CA a deathblow or opportunity for Califonia’s GOP

    (sorry if grammar’s a fail it came from the heart/mind Im really into this type of stuff thats why) Still reeling in from bittersweet 2010 elections. While the rest of America is slowly trailing back to our constitutional principles Califoria stubbornly sits in a Deep Blue Ocean of Liberalism waiting to drown or waiting pull a miricle. But then when you look at the bigger picture would | Read More »

    10 Lessons from the VA GOP victories

    Over the past week or two, we political junkies have seen a lot of comments from the pundits agreeing that Bob McDonnell won in VA because he ran as a moderate in a purple state, and asserting that his moderate approach should be the template for conservatives across the country.  (Translation:  He only won because he hid what he really is, and conservatives would be well | Read More »

    We will win by moving right, not left

    I could not disagree more with the proposition that they way the GOP will resurrect itself is in moving left. This will not work for several (I would think) very obvious reasons: “Moderate” Republicans got completely obliterated this year. I mean, annihilated. The last New England GOP rep, Rep. Shays, has been defeated. The northeastern GOP states tried the moderate GOP strategy and it has | Read More »

    Karl Rove Has Been Vindicated

    One of the most unambiguous conclusions from Obama’s victory? Karl Rove was right. For the past 8 years, we’ve had a debate over the best political strategy for approaching a national election. There were, in essence, two contending theories. Karl Rove’s theory – one he perhaps never explicitly articulated, but which was evident in the approach to multiple elections, votes in Congress, and even international | Read More »


    Lady And The Tramp

    Here’s a challenge: search for a few of the remaining “Hillary for President” forums. It is amazing what those left-of-center gals are posting about Governor Palin–they love her! Not because she’s a conservative, of course, but because she is a strong-willed, non-apologetic, woman who has managed to juggle both family and governmental service. Because McCain’s nomination had dispirited so many conservatives in the Republican party, | Read More »

    Repulicans Need New Blood!!!

    Though I will vote for McCain in November, for not voting for a Repulican is the same as voting Democrat — I am not happy with the choices we had in this election year. I think McCains position on Global Warming and his backing of the “Bailout” are signs that he will sell out on his principles for a vote (independents). I would rather have | Read More »

    Why Palin was the right choice.

    McCain’s choice of running mate Sarah Palin was a teriffic choice since she brings to the ticket a rounding of the rough edges of John McCain and motivation to the Republican Party’s Conservative Base.