Would A Pro-Life Batman Shoot Dr. George Tiller?

    Condemning Dr. Tiller’s murder should be heartfelt, not tactical for those who also condemn Dr. Tiller’s performance of multiple late-term abortions. We may not always like or feel served by the laws, but we should all thank God every night in prayer that we live in a society of laws; not men.

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    Someone asked me to respond to this review of The Dark Knight

    But unfortunately I can’t, because it seems clear the reviewer saw a completely different movie than I did. Perhaps he bought a ticket to the wrong film by mistake?


    Aaron Eckhart Gives Another Reason to See Dark Knight

    Carter Wood points to a BBC interview with Dark Knight co-star Aaron Eckhart: Lang: The movie’s already done incredibly well. I think it’s broken records in its opening weekend in the United States. I mean, do you think that because America’s in an election year, the economy going down the tubes, a lot of uncertainty in the world, do you think it touched a nerve?Eckhart: | Read More »

    Batman and Bush

    BlogPI has an excellent post this AM about the similarities in tone between President Bush and Batman, following on Andrew Klavan’s oped in this morning’s Wall Street Journal. To be honest, I think the similarities here are a bit exaggerated: while Batman is clearly a right-leaning superhero, he’s probably closer to being Rudy Giuliani than George W. Bush. Yes, there’s the whole inherited wealth thing | Read More »


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