*Still* a liar and a thief

    After describing some challenging times in America’s history, Obama completely misrepresented the unemployment rate under Bush when he stated: But the devastation remains. One in 10 Americans still cannot find work. (emphasis added) Lie #1 came right off the bat during BO’s SOTU — and his transparent lie made me furious. The unemployment rate is not still 10%. Dec. 2008 unemployment was 7.2% (released beginning of | Read More »

    Report: WH in full CYA/BDS mode over Christmas attack.

    A quick survey of priorities: In 2001, the American government’s response to a successful series of terrorist attacks was to look outwards to see who to hit for this*. In 2009, the American government’s response to an only-because-we-got-lucky unsuccessful terrorist attack was to look inwards to see who to blame for this. (H/T: Nice Deb) I think that, all things considered, I prefer the first | Read More »

    ‘Regime,’ is it?

    The lack of self-respect in the Obama administration astounds me, sometimes.  From the (probably-now abortive) pushback on the call to shut down repatriating AQ terrorists to Yemen: “I am aware of a lot of people pointing back at the way the transfers were handled under the Bush administration that apparently they have some concerns about that,” said the official, who had not seen the senators’ | Read More »

    It’s Official: IOC Decision is Bush’s Fault

    After 24 hours of hand wringing and navel gazing by the epic failure of President Obama’s ‘Dream Team’ to deliver the supposed slam dunk by their awesome presence in front of the IOC, the left has finally decided it was all George Bush’s fault. Abdon Pallasch writes in the Chicago Sun Times, ‘Chicago officials claimed President Obama could not undo in one year the resentment | Read More »

    Andrew Breitbart needs to take his BDS metastasis article…

    via Dana Loesch) …all the way to its logical conclusion. I pretty much agree with the main point of Andrew’s article (‘George W. Bush-by-proxy syndrome‘):  with President Bush’s leaving the public stage, the people that have spent the last eight years irrationally hating and fearing the man have had to cast their nets wider and wider to find a suitable replacement for their urges.  But | Read More »


    The BDS of the NYT: “Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t, and Damned If You Even Think About It!”

    n 2002, the Bush Administration considered several options for dealing with an Al Qaeda sleeper cell outside of Buffalo, NY. The cell, which came to be known as the Lackawanna Six, was ultimately taken down by the FBI. But a faction within the Administration, led by VP Dick Cheney, had a plan to use the military after declaring the cell “enemy combatants”. The argument that | Read More »

    Just a reminder: Democrats wanted Bush to fail in 2006.

    Links via Hot Air. Here’s the first question, exactly as it was offered: Contra Ed, though, the Sister Toldja post actually indicates that a bare majority of Democrats were pro-victory in 2007. Which is nothing to be proud of, considering that we were right and they were wrong, but expect the shouting to start over that. Besides, it’ll keep them from admitting to this: 21. | Read More »

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    The Sinister Cheney-Putin-Bush Triangle

    sarcasm I’m surprised it actually took this long for the link to be uncovered. It is so obvious. Putin is on McCain’s campaign committee and realized drastic measures were necessary to assure McCain’s victory. The whole invasion of small, peripheral nations which is so uncharacteristic of the Russians, now makes sense. /sarcasm How long before the conspiracy theorists at the Kos latch on to this | Read More »

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    I’m surrounded by Zombies…Save yourselves!