Can BO become POTUS?

    This lawsuit raises some interesting and disturbing issues regarding where BO was born, and whether or not he can actually be President. If the election proceeds, and if he is deemed unqualified, it appears that our next President would be none other than Nancy Pelosi. Now if that doesn’t prompt some notice, I think the electorate is fast asleep.

    John McCaine and no corruption

    Has anyone noticed, throughout this presidential campaign, not 1 story of corruption has appeared involving John McCaine, (the left press has made up stories, but none stuck).SINator Ubama has a several corruption stories with his name next to it.

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    View From The North – Keep Pounding Them on Ayers

    I just saw Rich Lowry and some Obama spokeman in Fox. The Obama guy was out of control, he was so mad and he did not stop talking over everyone so Rich could not get a point in. What I fear from these types of displays from people who would end up in an Obama administration is that YOU CAN TELL THEY HATE US. I | Read More »

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    Is John McCain really a Reagan Conservative?

    John McCain has stated on several occasions that he deserves to take the mantle of the late great Ronald Reagan if John McCain wishes to claim this mantle, then he needs to stop breaking President Reagan’s number one rule, “Thou shall not attack another Republican (i.e. Chris Cox).” The Bush administration has been calling for the reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac almost since | Read More »

    I should be nominated as VP!!!

    I am so hot!

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    Dear John, I bet you wish you had more Conservatives on your side now

    This is going to be short and somewhat charitable criticism. Dear John, After spending the last 8 years sabotaging Conservatives on important issues (free speech, judges, illegal immigration), I wonder how you feel now about the way your friends in the Drive-By Press are treating your VP nominee? Sad to say that you would have had a lot more on our side in your corner | Read More »

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    5 Million Jobs?

    I must of been sleeping when we decided to elect a CEO of a very large corporation that is going to create 5 million jobs. Now, lets elect a president that will keep our country safe, a real American that has no problem displaying the American flag on his lapel, an American that if asked to go to war will not hasetate to flex his | Read More »

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    From CNN – Why White House race is a close call

    This is an excellent article if you have not already read it. Why McCain is in with such a strong chance despite all the economic factors leading up this race and the fact that a Democratic candidate had raised so much money, got the over-attention, yet cant break away in the polls. Read this:- I especially like the last two lines of the article, “A | Read More »