Today’s Headlines — Feb. 25, 2009 Obama vows: ‘We will rebuild’ Health care, education, energy all play a role — ANALYSIS: Obama offers silver lining — Rebuttal: Jindal calls spending ‘irresponsible’ La. governor also faults own party — Obama gets automobile origin wrong President toots wrong horn in speech — Lobbyists win classified leaks ruling Government bar set higher — Lawsuits challenge sanctuary policies Illegals’ | Read More »

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    Runner Currently Living in Beijing

    I think i can provide some insight, for those who are interested, into the effect pollution has on runners performance in Beijing. I have been living and studying in Beijing since July 9th, and i will leave Beijing on the 21st of August. I am a D1 track athlete in the United States and have been running everyday in Beijing since i arrived. Without a | Read More »

    IOC shuns Iraq

    All about the athletes? Free of politics? Who told you the IOC’s Games were either of those things? When the IOC will ban Iraq from the 2008 Summer Olympics over the politics of bureaucracy, you know there’s something else going on. This is just more national prejudice from a group known for it. I bet you Zimbabwe, Cuba, and Iran have no trouble getting in, | Read More »