Barack Obama Either Does Not Know Much About Geopolitics or Does Not Care

    You could be forgiven for thinking Barack Obama is intentionally screwing the Brits. It is hard to imagine a man who claims to be so smart doing something as dumb as sending GTMO detainees to Bermuda without Bermuda’s home government’s permission. Because you are neither the President of the United States nor the Secretary of State of the United States, you could be forgiven for | Read More »

    President Obama and the now-vex’d Bermoothes.

    You know, it’s not the fact that we’re apparently on the verge of toppling another foreign government that bemuses me, per se; toppling foreign governments is one of those things that the United States of America simply does, as a byproduct of our very existence.  Whether or not that’s an inherently good thing is going to be a matter of some debate – particularly if | Read More »

    Obama folds on placing freed Gitmo detainees in US?

    The Washington Post says Obama is giving up trying to convince anyone in Congress to take anybody else released from Gitmo in their neighborhoods. The Obama administration has all but abandoned plans to allow Guantanamo Bay detainees who have been cleared for release to live in the United States, administration officials said yesterday, a decision that reflects bipartisan congressional opposition to admitting such prisoners but | Read More »

    4 Uighurs released in Bermuda

    From a sea to an ocean…. This gang of four has been shipped from Gitmo to Bermuda and released. It looks like they’re be separated from some of their comrades, as all or most of the others will be sent to Palau and released. By coincidence of course, we just offered to pay Palau up to $200M. No word yet on whether we only have | Read More »