Such A Deal As There Never Was.

    Washington and the beltway are in an ecstasy of self-congratulation. What we, as Patriots, are going to do about this travesty, this multiplicity of prevarication foisted on us by our own leadership, has yet to be seen, but if the mass of melted copper that used to comprise the Capitol’s phone systems is any indication, the proverbial ‘merde’ is about to hit the fan. Most | Read More »

    Meeting Halfway on the Road To Ruin

    The special election to fill the seat in the 26th District in New York this week produced a victory for the Democrat candidate, Ms. Kathy Hochul, in large part because of the presence of a third candidate, Jack Davis, who presented himself as a “Tea Party” candidate under false pretenses. The lesson that presents for the 2012 election is left for another time — right | Read More »