The fact that the media is silent about this protest while bashing every single Republican syllable utttered and many that never even were is too much for me to take. Please call your local media outlets and the cable outlets and ask them where they are on this ! Erick, sorry to put you on the spot , but you are the only one of | Read More »

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    The New Big Media: Google Dominance Affects Every Area of The Web

    Google is being accused of favoring its own sites in searches. Sure, you might think someone searches for "search engine", and Google comes top – no big deal. But Google websites now encompass every area of the web, and compete directly with every other site, in some way or other. Here, for example, is some original research: if you search google for "the official blog | Read More »

    MMX FLEX Investigative Report: The National Portrait Gallery … Size Matters?

    In case you haven’t heard … President Obama’s new budget includes a big increase for the Smithsonian Institution. The museum complex will receive a record-breaking $797.4 million in 2010. Apparently, $761.4 million in 2009 just wasn’t enough. With so much of our money going here, it got us thinking – is the Smithsonian Institute fair and balanced? To answer to this question, we visited the | Read More »

    Vindication, Google, and Islam

    Remember when I accused Google of censoring search hints? Some of the reactions were just hysterical. So many technically inclined people on the right have a reflexive desire to defend Google and make the kindest assumptions about the company. The company itself claimed that it was all coincidence. Further research showed that Google was also censoring criticism of Islam, a claim that was met with | Read More »

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    Distinguished people don’t appear Fox News – but they do send them dirty diapers.

    I have often wondered if others readers of Red State and other conservative websites wonder if they read too many websites on the right. I attempt at times to cover the as much of the political spectrum as I can. Although when I start reading left leaning websites I quickly come to miss the time, effort and polite discourse found by most bloggers on the right. Earlier this week I decided | Read More »

    Other Evidence of Bias

    It can be suggested that a United States president, who hadn’t been in office for two weeks yet, may not have earned a Nobel Peace Prize. However, that fact, in and of itself, cannot prove the bias of the Nobel committee. Other evidence is needed. When you survey the other award winners, a pattern emerges. Nobel Prize for Physics – Steven Chu for suggesting we | Read More »

    San Jose Mercury News asks its readers

    This morning in Sunday Mercury News MIke Cassidy aksed his readers to help and challenged them to find the reasons why they are losing circulation and readers. In response I sent him the following email: Mike, You asked your readers to help you to find solutions to the problems Mercury News and the newspaper industry in general is facing. But in the same story when | Read More »

    Toward a New Ethics of Journalism

    Newspaper Press The Code of Ethics of The Society of Professional Journalists is a flawed document because it holds journalists to inhuman and contradictory standards. No intelligent journalist with an ounce of empathy who learns about the facts of a situation can ever be non-biased and free of attachments to people in the community in the way that the code demands. Can a journalist who | Read More »

    Picturing the Supreme Court’s lineup [Updated]

    Via Slashdot we come across, a site which purports to give a clear visual representation of the Supreme Court’s voting patterns over the years. Each justice is given a color coding for every term representing how he voted. There’s just one problem with it: It’s biased. Updated below the fold… No, really? A biased chart of the Supreme Court just in time for a | Read More »

    During Healthcare ‘Special’ ABC Refuses Paid Ads That Oppose Obamacare

    So, not only is ABC not planning to include opposing voices to President Obama’s healthcare proposals during its special presentation next week — though ABC does claim “those in the audience” will ask questions of the president — it is refusing to even allow groups that oppose Obamacare to purchase paid for advertisements to air during the healthcare special. Rick Scott, chairman of Conservatives for | Read More » Barack Obama vs. George W. Bush (or, yet more evidence of media favoritism)

    This post by Moe got me thinking (particularly the part about DVD sales). Compare: Obama, Bush, Clinton in the Movies/TV category. The dearth of items for Clinton is understandable; the day of mass-distribution DVDs had not yet arrived. The contrast between Obama and Bush is much more relevant, and that makes it much more shocking. There are dozens of documentaries about Obama’s primary run and | Read More »

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    I can name that party in 16 paragraphs, Bill Cullen

    Sorry, Jetson, you lose. The story contains no mention of The Party That Must Not Be Named. Mary Easley is fired; Oblinger resigns N.C. State Chancellor James L. Oblinger resigned and former first lady Mary Easley was fired Monday in a stunning new round of fallout over her job at the university. After weeks of flat out denial, Oblinger’s lies denying any use of influence | Read More »

    NY State Senate: Defection A Serious Miscalculation by Hiram Monserrate

    Moe wrote about Hiram Monserrate back when the story broke about his Christmas-time attack on his girlfriend with a broken beer bottle for having another man’s business card in her purse. The woman needed 20 stitches around her eye. In reaction, the brand new incoming NY Democratic Senate Majority closed ranks around their man and one of their number, State Senator Eric Adams, went so | Read More »

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    His Master’s Voice

    Nipper, the dog on the RCA logo, was a painting entitled, “His Master’s Voice”. Perhaps Chris Matthews, Evan Thomas, Brian Williams, and the other sycophants could certainly take Nipper’s place in history as slavish adherents to the Obama creed. They certainly act like dogs. Matthews wets himself, Thomas thinks he’s a god, and Williams practically knelt before him during his interview with the Great Prevaricator | Read More »

    New York Times State of Mind

    The American political system is based on a useful falsehood. It’s based on the falsehood that David Brooks is an intelligent, thoughtful man who represents the right wing, or conservative point of view when writing. It is a falsehood borne of the idea that an intelligent man, without political aspirations or social obligations, can put aside his social caste and come up with a reasonably | Read More »