Evidence of a Biased Mind

    “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” Unlike the Obama media, the most important thing we must examine in a Supreme Court candidate is not the color of the person’s skin, their racial or ethnic background, their economic roots or | Read More »

    CNN = ‘Censored News Network’. CNN yanking Susan Roesgen video from YouTube.

    www.thepoliticalclass.com CNN = “Censored News Network”. CNN yanking Susan Roesgen video from YouTube. Powerlineblog reports that CNN is trying to bury their blatantly one sided attack against Chicago Tea Party protesters. Full story here. One of the revelatory moments that took place during the tea parties on April 15 was the on-screen meltdown by CNN reporter Susan Rosegen, which we noted here. Covering the Chicago | Read More »

    Is It Intentional? – Open Thread

    I have read on two MSM websites ABCnews and CNN (I think) “House Passes $3.45 Billion Budget”. Notice anything wrong? BILLION not TRILLION. While I can hear the Twilight Zone music in the backgroung I no longer think these things are accidents. Any MSM webmaster on the Journolist?

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    Calling BS on a bogus poll

    “Poll Finds Obama Would Trounce Palin” reads the headline on AOL News. “2012 Election: Sarah Palin Crushed by Barack Obama” screams the head on Associated Content. In a hypothetical contest, the poll “found” that President Obama would defeat Alaska’s governor 55 percent to 35 percent. There are a few problems with the poll, however…

    Name that Party (Dodd Edition). NY Times edits out party of Chris Dodd.

    www.thepoliticalclass.com Name that Party (Dodd Edition) from Powerlineblog. Todd Heisler/The New York Times. Senator Christopher J. Dodd at a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Thursday. Via Powerlingblog: The New York Times runs a long story on Senator Christopher Dodd’s crashing reputation among Connecticut voters without once mentioning that Dodd is a, well, you know what. The Times does note that Connecticut is a heavily Democratic | Read More »

    Time for Fox to be brave – Open Thread

    I have two ideas for shows: 1) “Sound Bite” – commentators REALLY take on the media left wing bias – and by that I mean calling people names if necessary by calling them out of their outright buttboyism of Obama and the Dems (Rush calls them Buttboy Media) 2) “Joe Politics” – with the success of Joe the Plumber asking sound, simple “why does the | Read More »

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    Where The Votes Are, And Why We’re Not Winning Them.

    NOTE: This started as a response to Fred Maidment’s comment here and ended up becoming this … so if this seems disjointed, it’s all Fred’s fault – :-). Where the votes are is in the “middle” – that undefined muddled plurality of the electorate that is at best marginally informed, that only really pays attention to the “issues” in the last few weeks (when its | Read More »

    The Schadenfreude Watch; When Liberals Attack MSNBC

    Yes, you read that subtitle correctly; Jon Stewart versus MSNBC. I have to give credit where credit is due. It appears that Jon Stewart has decided to salvage some of his comedic integrity. He won’t be a total network whore for the Obama administration. MSNBC, on the other hand, remains a total hack network with no journalistic integrity. This becomes quite obvious when Stewart, a | Read More »

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    Deborah Howell Takes On A Strawman, But Refuses to Make The Hard Calls

    Last week, Post Ombundswoman Deborah Howell “took on” the issue of media bias. I was underwhelmed, as were most of you (I suspect). IIRC, the job of the ombundsman is to hold people inside one’s own organization to account. To point fingers and assign blame. Howell doesn’t do this. I submit that she wrote this article so that liberal journalists could feel better about themselves, | Read More »

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    Dan Rather and the Price of Dishonesty

    You may remember this story from a few years back. Ran Rather did a hit job, using forged documents, on George W. Bush concerning his Air National Guard Service during the Vietnam War. As a result, many people, even today, think Bush got away with doing less than desired as a member of the Air Guard. Many other people think Dan Rather is a man | Read More »

    The Main Stream News Media and Consequences of Behavior

    In the current day and age we live in, politically we live in a damaged landscape. In the wake of the 2008 election, the devastation is fairly extensive in contrast to what we had before the end of the 1960’s. You might be asking yourself what I am talking about in respects to devastation. We all have known for some time that since the days | Read More »

    The Totalitarian Obama Regime

    The factors that characterize a totalitarian regime are: The existence of an official ideology that is seen as uncontroversial. A single political party addresses the nation. Democrats in control This political party has a membership of 15% of the civilian population. The government structure is established by the party. Democrats in control The existence of an armed group or secret police loyal to the interests | Read More »

    Journalistic Malpractice.

    Yesterday, I heard a report of an on-air chat between reporters (read: “talking heads”) Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw, where they sat around (basking in the post-election afterglow) and opined that nobody really knows anything about our President-Elect. They were somewhat mystified that anyone could get elected to the Presidency, without knowing what they think about the important issues of the day. (Keep in mind, | Read More »

    We Are Getting Beat By Guys Like This?

    I assume most of you have already seen the Washington Post story admitting their own pro-Obama bias. This is a draw dropping article that has not received enough attention. Many others have broken it down. Try to forward it to those who still think media bias is a myth. But I wanted to bring to your attention another example of media bias. Embedded below is | Read More »

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    Evidence that College Professors are not biased!

    Read this and tell me if you still believe college professors are biased. Donations to the two campaigns breakdown like this. At the University of Washington, a survey was conducted about which campaign professors donated. Obama-594, McCain-9. Ain’t diversity great!