MSM prepares ground-work for Election night coverage (more bias to influence outcome)

    Tim Kaine (Gov VA) sets the stage (one week out from Election night) on the News circuit as he tries to convince the Nations Voters that this race is over and Virginia is going to go Blue this election. “We’re East coast time, so Virginia may be one of those East coast States to report early. Polls close at 7(pm EST). Within an hour or | Read More »

    A Must-Read From ABC News (Who’dve thunk it!)

    I have nothing to add to this, just read the whole thing: The traditional media are playing a very, very dangerous game — with their readers, with the Constitution and with their own fates. The sheer bias in the print and television coverage of this election campaign is not just bewildering, but appalling.

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    Washington Post: Al Qaeda Supports McCain Because One Blog Comment Said So

    The Washington Post will publish an article claiming that Al Qaeda is full of “joy” over a possible McCain victory. There evidence? “One commentary” in a website “closely linked” to Al Qaeda.What this means is that I can go to the Daily Kos right this second, use my 4-years-old nickname to post “I love McCain” and expect the WAPO to scream in a bold excited | Read More »


    Voting – Psychology of the “Bandwagon” effect

    The Psychology of “Bandwagon effect” relates, sometimes, in Voting too. You’ve all understood this to some degree, even if you hadn’t thought about it consciously. You’ve seen it in some Presidential Races where the Voting in the Eastern States; a Landslide effect seems to be occurring, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, some would argue this explains Reagan’s landslides but it goes both ways; which | Read More »

    Storm the 4th Estate’s Bastile

    I’m new to this, and not nearly as eloquent as some of you, but I can’t be silent any longer.A Call to Action:For the last several months I have read numerous entries and lamentations decrying the obvious media bias wrt coverage of Sen. Obama and everyone else. It’s time we stop complaining and do something about it before we lose all of our rights to | Read More »

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    Hollywood is at it again

    In yet another display of Hollywood trying to flex its muscle, and in an effort to strengthen their liberal agenda, Warner Bros. has BLOCKED the release of a movie about American POW’s to ensure that it won’t have an “impact” on the 2008 Presidental election.They will release the movie titled “The Hanoi Hilton” but NOT until after the November election. Why didn’t Hollywood have this | Read More »

    Media bias

    Now, I know you all know about media bias – but here is a new take on this topic. Did anyone see the Alfred E. Smith Charity dinner? Well, I watched it four times on “Hannity and (the other one)” and “One the Record” on FOX. Of course I have to watch FOX because it – while almost a cliché, but rather true is most | Read More » Poll Fixed

    I tried to vote that McCain won the debate for 10 minutes and it would NOT go through. I changed the answer to “Neither” and it went through immediately.This is complete nonsense, I am so sick of the f*ing media.

    Enough! Boycott CNN for this week’s debate!

    I’ve had enough of the biased media.We need to start doing something about it.First Step: Boycott CNN for this week’s debate.Pass it along.In order for the biased media to stop. We need to take them down.No CNN, No NY Times (lets have no reaction to any of the stories including brooks and kristol),No Washington Post. possibly only references to Newsbusters when they write about their | Read More »

    Brand New IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama +2 (13% Still Undecided)

    This poll is a hell of lot more accurate than anything ABC or Newsweek spews, but it will get little attention unless Republicans make hay of it. I hate polls, but I’ll be damned to sit back and watch every poll showing Obama with a double digit lead get primetime press. I don’t think one poll warrants a diary, but there is a larger point | Read More »

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    *Preliminary* State Poll Party ID Sample Findings

    After my last diary about sampling in the national polls with respect to party ID, I decided to look at some state polls for the same effect. Sadly, my pool is very limited in most states with respect to gaining access to internals, and I am forced to rely on either partisan polls, or some that have not had the greatest track record in the | Read More »

    Polls and Party ID Sample Weighting

    I decided to review some national polls after seeing the Newsweek poll, and Jim Geraghty’s piece over at NRO with regards to the spread between reported D/R/I party affiliation. Sample weighting is always problematic, and this election appears to be no different. Dating back to 1988, D’s traditionally have a 3-4 point advantage in turnout, save the 2004 election when the two parties ran even. | Read More »

    The truth about Debate polling

    With the media so blatantly relishing their self-appointed roles as Obama cheerleaders, it’s quite difficult to get a good enough read on public perception of the debates. So far we have had two debates (McCain/Obama & Palin/Biden), and if we believe the polling data, Obama and Biden are the respective winners. However, I did notice something peculiar in the reaction to both.In the first debate, | Read More »

    Bias in the worst way by AP

    Associated Press just slapped down the race card in its latest “analysis” by Douglas K. Daniel.By claiming that Democrat Barack Obama is “palling around with terrorists” and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin targeted key goals for a faltering campaign.And though she may have scored a political hit each time, her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially tinged | Read More »

    My Fax to the McCain Campaign (UPDATED)

    UPDATE: I faxed this to the McCain campaign’s headquarters this morning. I humbly request all who can to help me reinforce the message. The numbers (Fax) are;      (703)752 2515 : (McCain/Palin HQ)             NOTE: This was the number during the primaries – it may not be the same now.      (202)228 2862 : (McCain’s office in the Senate)Go to this page for fax numbers to the RNC. eg;       (202) | Read More »

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