Polls and Party ID Sample Weighting

    I decided to review some national polls after seeing the Newsweek poll, and Jim Geraghty’s piece over at NRO with regards to the spread between reported D/R/I party affiliation. Sample weighting is always problematic, and this election appears to be no different. Dating back to 1988, D’s traditionally have a 3-4 point advantage in turnout, save the 2004 election when the two parties ran even. | Read More »

    The truth about Debate polling

    With the media so blatantly relishing their self-appointed roles as Obama cheerleaders, it’s quite difficult to get a good enough read on public perception of the debates. So far we have had two debates (McCain/Obama & Palin/Biden), and if we believe the polling data, Obama and Biden are the respective winners. However, I did notice something peculiar in the reaction to both. In the first | Read More »

    Bias in the worst way by AP

    Associated Press just slapped down the race card in its latest “analysis” by Douglas K. Daniel. By claiming that Democrat Barack Obama is “palling around with terrorists” and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin targeted key goals for a faltering campaign.And though she may have scored a political hit each time, her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially | Read More »

    My Fax to the McCain Campaign (UPDATED)

    UPDATE: I faxed this to the McCain campaign’s headquarters this morning. I humbly request all who can to help me reinforce the message. The numbers (Fax) are;      (703)752 2515 : (McCain/Palin HQ)             NOTE: This was the number during the primaries – it may not be the same now.      (202)228 2862 : (McCain’s office in the Senate) Go to this page for fax numbers to the RNC. eg;       | Read More »

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    Dishonest CNN factcheck II

    In another CNN “factcheck”, they tested the veracity of this Joe Biden statement: “…our commanding general in Afghanistan said the surge principle in Iraq will not work in Afghanistan.” CNN judged Biden’s statement to be “true”, but it’s not true. The drive-bys at CNN don’t understand the difference between a surge in forces and the surge strategy. Surge strategy = counterinsurgency strategy. The surge in | Read More »

    Dishonest CNN factcheck

    As I wrote here, Joe Biden was being less than honest when he said Obama would never meet with Iranian president Ahmadinejad without preconditions in the first year of his presidency. In a “factcheck”, CNN shows that they’re in the bag for Obama by parsing “leader” and “president”. Newsflash. President Ahmadinejad is an Iranian leader and the country’s highest elected official. Whether he is the | Read More »


    Gwen Ifill, the moderator for Thursdays Vice Presidential debate, is releasing a book detailing the spectacular rise of Barack Obama. Appearantly, the McCain camp was not told this when the debates were being negotiated. How wrong is this? What would happen if Hannity or Limbaugh were offered up to moderate? Where is the out rage over this gross example of bias? This is just another | Read More »

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    Keeping the MSM Honest: “Life long Democrats” are NOT Swing Voters

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. This morning’s Detroit News features an article detailing the return of the “Reagan Democrats” and the importance Michigan’s independent and cross-over voters have as we help elect the next leader of the free world.  There’s a picture of a burly looking Macomb County man, scraggly hair and blue jeans, sitting in front of his big black motorcycle, because apparently | Read More »

    Another Blatant Bias (CNN website)

    CNN PoliticalTicker First, read the quotes of what John McCain said and compare to the title of this article. Note that nowhere in the quotes does John McCain say that Sarah Palin is or could be the next Reagan or Clinton. McCain is saying is that we have had Presidents who came from being state Governors and were underestimated by the media at the time | Read More »

    Squandering The Palin Pick

    This might make me very unpopular, but I have to be honest, I now think McCain picking Sarah Palin for his Vice-President was a mistake … that is; if what he really was looking for in a VP was nothing more than a highly-scripted cheerleader, then picking Governor Palin was not the wisest decision; In fact, it could not just lose him the election, but | Read More »

    Michael Halperin Wants To Have Obama’s Baby

    Our old friend Mark Halperin is at it again. After spending much of the 2004 campaign with his eyes locked on Democrat talking points as firmly as his lips were bonded to John Kerry’s posterior, Halp-less has released his ‘analysis’ of last night’s debate. (see http://www.time.com/time/printout/0,8816,1845106,00.html) There are echoes throughout of the infamous October 2004 memo, where young Mark directed the ABC news organization to | Read More »

    They watched the debate at the New York Times

    Perhaps the New York Times‘ editors had asked Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny to write something more-or-less objective about last night’s debate, and they are fine for the first several paragraphs, but then they slip into a bitter and disgruntled mode: Mr. McCain, in the kind of misstep that no doubt would have been used by Republicans against Mr. Obama, mangled the name of the | Read More »

    Palin v. Biden: Who’s the real ticket-killer?

    “Mainstream media” (MSM) never was an accurate representation of what this country’s major print and broadcast news sources are and what they do. “Mainstream” is defined, when used as an adjective, as “representing the prevailing attitudes, values and practices of a society or group.” The media, as a group, certainly has a set of prevailing attitudes, values and practices, but they are not those of | Read More »

    Three new Michigan polls: Liberal Media (all but) ignores survey that shows McCain lead

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. As I read recent poll numbers here in Michigan and across the United States, two things jump right out at me.  First, let’s cut the bologna sandwiches… Barack Obama is clearly surging.  Second, he’s built so big a lead in states like Michigan that his volunteers obviously needn’t worry and can probably take the rest of the election season | Read More »

    VDH on Sarah Palin

    Victor Davis Hanson says what many of us are thinking about the Arctic Fox. The gist..”Ronald Reagan knew more about human nature, and thus what drives the Soviet Union than did all the Ivy-League Soviet specialists that surrounded Jimmy Carter-much less the Sally Quins and Maureen Dowds of that age. We in America, unlike the Europeans, know this intuitively, grasp that a Harry Truman figured | Read More »

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