Biden: The Jokes Will Write Themselves

    Joe Biden? Really? Hilarity ensues…Obama, he of the hidden Chicago thuggery politics, empty suit and padded resume…but marketing himself as the Grand Poobah of Change and the self-styled Savior of America, picks Joe Biden for his running mate? Joe Biden really sends a message of Change, there, Obamatrixypooh. Biden reeks of pol-i-tics-as-usual. Not to mention, he is known for talking and talking and talking; he | Read More »

    Biden? Is this some kind of sick joke?

    What is Obama thinking? He needs to come up with a cranky old blowhard to counter the cranky old blowhard McCain?I’m starting to think Obama might actually find a way to lose this thing.If Biden is supposed to cover Obama’s foreign policy void, he’s a laughably weak choice. Biden has never done anything in his whole life. He’s sat on committees and bloviated endlessly. To | Read More »

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    The Amazing Similarities Between W. and O.

    Although Obama has run his campaign almost completely as a reaction to the administration of one George W. Bush, the parallels between their campaigns are apparent.Bush ran against eight years of bad judgment and personality failures of the previous administration. Obama is doing the same. Bush ran as the one who could transcend partisan differences in Washington. So is Obama.Bush faced concerns about his misspent | Read More »

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    3AM Text Message Results From Obama’s Bungled First 3AM Call

    Republicans got the rarest of 3 a.m. phone calls this morning: One that contains good news.The problems of Joe Biden as a candidate have already been well documented at RedState. He is the sound bite that doesn’t stop giving. Ads are already prepared with Biden pointing out the need for Obama to have on the job training.But for a candidate that has generally followed Bill | Read More »


    I can see the Biden spin coming

    The headline of this AP article gives it away.Biden speaks _ and speaks _ his own mindThe article itself is fair, but I’m willing to bet that headline is a clue that we’re going to hear how Biden is the REAL maverick/straight talker while McCain is just a pretender.

    Joe Biden?

    It will be interesting to hear Sen. Biden blasting away at John McCain, after saying in 2004 that McCain is so great that McCain should have been Kerry’s running mate on the 2004 Democratic ticket: “I think John McCain would be a great candidate for vice president,” Biden said.Sure, Biden will make things interesting, but I don’t see how he will really help the Democratic | Read More »


    Obama & Biden, Attorneys-at-Law yet never tried a case [updated]

    Oh yeah Barack, and what community did you organize and are at least two witnesses still alive.Questions the MSM professional journalists never ask: Joe, Barack, can either of you name ONE case you tried to a jury? I am not asking for the style of a case you won, mind you. Just name a case you actually took to court and the telephone numbers of | Read More »





    FNC says its Biden



    Joe Biden: Famous Plagiarist

    Joe Biden’s history of plagiarism and “stressless scholarship” gave plenty of ammo to his enemies, one of them choosing to circulate a so-called “attack video” to demonstrate Biden’s outright plagiarism of a British politician’s speech. But this appropriation from Neal Kinnock was not the first occurrence of unacknowledged lifting by the senator from Delaware.

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    The case against biden

    Obama will pick Biden because of his foreign policy experience. Thats real funny. We just need to point out right away that Mr. Biden was one of the few who voted AGAINST the use of force in the first Gulf War. How could he vote against it? Even arab countries wanted to use force against saddam. Sounds like Biden was a Neville Chamberlin. Be nice | Read More »

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    From Georgia to Georgia

    Everyday this past week, I have watched the news as usual. Everyday I have seen the same four things; Olympics, Georgia Invaded, McCain/Obama, and the hurricane. Not much I can say about a hurricane. I guess I should inset an obligatory congratulation statement for Michael Phelps. So there.The other two news stories, however, fascinate me. Georgia, that’s the one near Russia, is a bit of | Read More »

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