A National Disgrace

    The flag behind them bows in shame…….. …..as TOTUS lies yet again to America.

    Are Traitors Running This Country?

      During the 2008 Presidential Election the website COUNTYABOVESELF.COM offered visitors the ability to vote whether politicans and public figures were Patriots or Traitors. Now that the country has experience with these people, vote the way you feel best describes the person’s respect for this country, its form of government and its Capitalistic society. http://www.patriotradionews.com/patriot-or-traitor-you-make-the-call/ We have also relaunched http://doomedreport.com only this time, the headlines are REAL!

    The Three Letters: Obama version

    One fine sunny day President Barack Obama was sitting behind his desk studiously writing on some envelopes when Vice President Joe Biden walked in. “What’s up big dawg,” quipped the veep. “Oh, hi Joe. I’m just working on my three letters,” replied the President. Joe took a step back and looked around before closing the door to the oval office, “you mean it’s not an | Read More »

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    The District of Contempt: Let Them Eat Ice Cream

    “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn’t it?”  The aspiring small business owner had successfully snagged a moment of Barack Obama’s time, and received an extensive response–reassuring hand on the shoulder included.  Thus began the legend of Joe the Plumber. That exchange occurred several weeks prior to the general election.  Fast forward to mid-2010. “What do we owe you?” asked Vice | Read More »

    Who really cares about the poor?

    And I mean who cares about the poor when the rubber hits the road? Liberals will tell you they do. Almost every day you hear that catch phrase or see another liberal tard trying to pass a bill that will steal more money from those who work, in order to maybe never give it to the poor. But when it comes to their own pockets, | Read More »

    The first sign of Obama’s stupidity!

    The very first sign the American people were given that demonstrated Obama’s inability to govern stupid land, much less this great country, was his choice of Biden as his VP. Folks on the left of center warned him not too, we laughed when he chose him, either way it was dumb. For those of us who have been familiar with Biden’s mouth, we knew he | Read More »

    Biden for SCOTUS: An Offer the President Can’t Refuse?

    Assumptions: President Obama will select a nominee with whom none of us will be satisfied. He won. We lost. That’s his prerogative. Further, he is now replacing Stevens, meaning that Senators of all stripes are likely to give him even more deference than they did for now-Justice Sotomayor. It is a long shot at best to stop one nominee. We can’t stop two. The Democrats | Read More »

    Biden Sums up Vice Presidency

    In case you didn’t catch that, that would be Vice President Biden saying, “It’s easy being Vice President, you don’t have to do anything.” He also agreed with the person he was talking to that it’s like being the grandpa and not the parent. So let’s be clear on this – the Vice President of the United States is happy to play with you but | Read More »

    Nuclear Option? Gimme an “H”…

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    The Obama Denial Bus Rolls on

      From Reuters: Obama and Vice President Joe Biden launched a sweeping effort to convince skeptical Americans that the stimulus has been beneficial on the one-year anniversary of a plan that was pushed through the U.S. Congress by Democratic majorities. Too bad that only 6% of Americans are buying that. Addressing the joint session of Congress around this time last year, Obama promised: My administration | Read More »

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    Chapter 11 for the Government?

    In my last entry I elaborated on how federal spending, after spending every dime of tax revenue, which crowds out every dime of domestic investment and uses every dime of the current year’s capital account to sell bonds to foreign entities, was still $547 billion short.  As it turns out, this shortfall is a bit greater than the interest paid on the public debt in | Read More »

    Babbling Joe Biden, the Deficit, and a Little Math

    Babbling Joe Biden is running his mouth again on topics about which he knows little, such as the need to spend to avoid bankruptcy. This bit of brilliance comes in the same week in which the deficit for the first nine months of FY 2009 exceeded US$1 trillion for the first time in history. These pieces of news made me wonder as to just what | Read More »

    Intemperate Thoughts

    As I celebrated Independence Day this weekend, an number of intemperate and politically incorrect thoughts came to mind.  I’d like to share a few, and see what you think: I wonder what is the carbon footprint of all these fireworks? (one answer I’ve gotten: “You’ll find out when you get your bill, citizen.”) The guys on “Whale Wars” are concerned that the whalers “have stepped | Read More »

    Biden tells AQ how to get US out of Iraq

    How else can you interpret this? Vice President Joseph Biden told Iraqi leaders that the path to a secure peace lies in uniting ethnic and sectarian groups and said the U.S. might disengage from their country if it reverts to sustained violence. … He also told Maliki that if Iraq fell into a period of sectarian violence or engaged in ethnic fighting, such a step | Read More »

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    My first vote, vindicated.

    Promoted from the diaries by James Richardson The first presidential candidate I ever voted for was John McCain, and I’m willing to admit that, at the time, I definitely had some doubts about whether it was the right decision. This is partially because, having been born in New York and having witnessed the tail-end of his gentrification efforts, I was a Giuliani fan until he | Read More »