Weather Underground Gameplan

    A recently uncovered document written by Bill Ayres and his Weather Underground buddies in 1969 calls for a well thought out plan to overthrow the “imperialistic” US government. The title, You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, was taken for an old Bob Dylan Song, Subterranean Homesick Blues. The document calls for a simultaneous combination of the following: 1. Racial | Read More »

    Message To McCain: Stand Up And Fight!

    It is truly a painful experience to watch John McCain day after day give the same boring ass talking points. He just refuses to get emotional and really take it to Obama. People all across this country are outraged about what is happening in this country and how Obama has managed to benefit from it. This is politics and for some reason John McCain thinks | Read More »

    Good News Overnight Open Thread

    This Open Thread is for good news, no matter how trivial. Sourpusses should comment elsewhere. My contribution: I was reading stories off a Pittsburgh site about the Steelers’ win over Jacksonville, when I noticed something peculiar. At the bottom of the page it had categories for ‘Today’s Most-Read Articles’, and while four of the five were articles about the Steelers and their hard-fought win over | Read More »