In which Nick Clegg impersonates/reincarnates Barack Obama

    Nick Clegg’s rise to prominence is eerily similar that of the empty suit Obama, with Clegg copying Obama literally in deed and in word. All talk, no substance. But the U.K. is swooning. Like our Dear Leader, Clegg’s dossier-version of the teleprompter tells him exactly what do. Except I bet he wishes his aide put it in his pocket and walked to the hotel, thus | Read More »

    To quote a certain Teleprompter: “Words. Just words.”

    Thank you for your historic and unprecedented transparency, Mr. President.   Will you please calibrate and make perfectly clear for us lowly Joes what we should do with our dictionaries? And yes, you did say that during your interview with Chuck Todd about trying KSM in a civilian court. The only difference between you, Eric Holder, and Robert Gibbs is that you use a teleprompter every chance you | Read More »

    Someone must have kicked the TOTUS’ plug out of the wall

    It was inevitable that the foreign press would eventually catch on to the buffoonish nature of Obama’s non-teleprompted persona. And so it has. The Guardian’s John Crace updates us on what the POTUS is thinking when functioning sans TOTUS.  Here’s an excerpt: Barack Obama: “I, I, would say that, er … pause [I HAVEN’T A CLUE] … if you look at … pause [WHO IS THIS NICK ROBINSON JERK?] … the, the | Read More »

    Binky to TObama – “I will have plasma or I will abandon you, punk”

    UPDATE : it comes to my attention that the official teleprompter himself disputes my characterization of the relationship. All I can say is that I trust my VRWC spies more than I trust him. ———————————————————- [Original Post follows here] Inner workings at [redirects] show a tempestuous relationship between the POTUS and his binky. During TObama’s meteoric rise to fame and electoral success, it | Read More »

    Obama cheats on Binky… with a different teleprompter!

    According to the AP, Obama brought his teleprompter to the press conference today. A very odd move, indeed. In fact, the article on his press conference starts out by asking: “What kind of politician brings a teleprompter to a news conference?” Apparently Obama’s people were worried about pictures showing him with the teleprompter during the press conference, so instead of his usual Binky, they put | Read More »

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    Teleprompt Me, Baby

    CLICK TO VIEW FULL Obama and his teleprompter are big news lately. As Vodka Pundit noted in his weekly summary, the right-o-sphere saw the meteoric rise of a new star, Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’s blog last week. Also last week, an hilarious twitpic by Right Scoop (see photo upper right) made the rounds, even garnering an approving mention by Maja Rushie himself. The Tonight Show special | Read More »

    Obama Insults the Dignity of Special-Needs Americans

    [h/t RottDawg, Jeff Emanuel, and ABG] Presidential Ass-Hattery of the Day: To Leno, and clearly adrift from binky his TelePrompTer, about his bowling ineptitude : “It’s like Special Olympics.” Ah, no, Barry. Actually, it’s nothing like Special Olympics. This…… ….is like Special Olympics. They offer dignity to people who legitimately need help. They defend the weak. You defend the lazy, the dishonest, the professionally offended, | Read More »

    Hail to the TOTUS!

    I came across this on YouTube tonight and I couldn’t resist.  Enjoy!