Obama’s Humiliating Repudiation: Bibi Takes Him To The Woodshed.

    It was classic… Obama trying what appears to me to be a last-ditch desperation grasp at ‘shaping’ the middle-east ‘peace process’ and leaving behind the imprimatur of an insanely dysfunctional foreign policy, in which Hussein Obama sheds any vestige of disguising his Muslim leanings by throwing Israel, our strongest ally in the middle-east, under the bus. Obama, the spoon-fed academic Marxist, has no sense of | Read More »

    Axelrod spins the Israeli PM snub

    Axelface Axelrod put out the “Official Spin” on the snub of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today, which we’ll gladly de-construct here; Obama met the Israeli leader in the White House on Tuesday but did not dine with his visitor and, by keeping the talks closed to the media, also denied Netanyahu the courtesy of a photo-opportunity with the president. Obama didn’t want to be | Read More »