Weakening the Democratic Base-Part 1: The Black Vote

         First and foremost, it needs to be acknowledged that in the real world of politics, Republicans will never win the African-American vote in national elections.  Polls have shown that 47% of the black electorate stated they would never vote for a Republican while 81% stated they would seldom or never vote for a Republican.  By any measure, those are very huge odds to overcome.  | Read More »

    Obama And The Great Racial Divide.

    Post what? Barack Obama has done more to foster the division between racial groupings than all the real redneck racists out there combined… and there’s not nearly as many people busily working against blacks and other minorities as the left would have you believe. With a totally narcissistic, committed ideologue like Barack Hussein Obama, in fact with all totalitarian governments, there must be unrest and | Read More »

    AP sets the stage for TheOne’s win and who to blame

    All kinds of blame and fear to go around in this story:AP story: blacks imagine Obama win “He has to win,” Durr said. “If he doesn’t, I think you’ll see this country — I’m afraid to say what I think would happen the next day. I don’t even want to think that way.” And if TheOne can’t cut the mustard in office then they’ll say | Read More »