Rolling Stone aids and abets the enemy….again

    Rolling Stone magazine apparently enjoys writing hit pieces to damage the American military. First there was Michael Hastings. He took down General McChrystal. He violated the journalistic principle of “off the record” to get any dirt he could. Of course, General McChrystal was stupid enough to grant him access and trusted him to write an objective story. And stupid enough to talk freely where Rolling | Read More »

    The Andrew McLaughlin scandal deepens

    Recap of the previous episode: found through a Google Buzz security hole that White House Deputy CTO Andrew McLaughlin was using a GMail account to keep in touch with a bunch of people at Google, his former employer, including a number of key lobbyists for the firm As a result, a FOIA request was filed for McLaughlin’s email correspondence. In response, McLaughlin’s Google profile | Read More »

    Blackfive Jumping into Politics

    Go support Matt Burden of Blackfive, he’s jumping into Illinois politics! Matt served his country for 20 years in the Army, then served his country through his support of our troops with his website Blackfive. Matt’s dedication to our military members has been inspiring for many years, I’m amazed he’s jumping into the arena of Illinois politics. Illinois definitely needs a clean up with their | Read More »

    President Newspeak Wants A Cookie

    . The left and the press (but I repeat myself) are falling all over each other in their haste to congratulate Obama and his manly response to the pirates. A retch-worthy visit to the comments section of left blogs reveals revolting mission-accomplished-gasms and endless reposts of photo fakes featuring Obama being cool or hip with the words “I Got This” adoringly emblazoned upon the savior | Read More »