Blackwater’s Erik Prince and China’s Growing Influence in Africa

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by David Feith to discuss Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, how the firm was destroyed by Washington politics and Prince’s new business venture backed in part by an arm of the Chinese government.

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    If Mark Kilmer Were Here, Mark Seibel Would Have A Lot To Answer For Regarding Blackwater

    Today we need to remember the greatest of Mark Kilmer. Back on February 20, 2007, Mark wrote a post entitled “A Baghdad fairy tale from McClatchey?” In the post, Mark pointed out a variety of anonymous bloggers used by McClatchy to smear the Iraq War and George W. Bush. It has been an ongoing thing with McClatchy. That particular news service has provided some of | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — March 17, 2009 EXCLUSIVE: Israel’s national security aide barred from U.S. Former Israeli spy linked to Pentagon leak — EXCLUSIVE: Blackwater back in U.S. employ ——and-waiting-for-obama/ Obama-ites wait for jobs — and sit tight Loyalists tough it out for administration jobs — Democrats mull end-run for Obama Unusual rules tactic could trigger partisan brawl — Obama tries to block AIG’s bonuses — | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Feb. 3, 2009 Holder confirmed; GOP refocuses on Daschle — Clinton to ask European aid on U.S. issues — Blackwater under review in Afghanistan — Obama wields pen at historic pace — Chicago hires outsider to head public schools — Press secretary with wit and drawl — Maryland slots bids fall short of hopes — PRUDEN: Looking for change in | Read More »

    The “Did he REALLY say that?” Sunday Memorial Open Thread.

    So it’s weird to read something like this: But Whispers confirms that Blackwater did handle the Democratic presidential candidate’s security in Afghanistan and helped out in Iraq. What’s more, Obama was overheard saying: “Blackwater is getting a bad rap.” Sooo… are you going to disavow this quote, Senator? – given your previous comments on the firm, as per Protein Wisdom (H/T, btw), I think that | Read More »

    Guess who provided security for Obama in Iraq?

    Yeah that’s right. I’m not even sure why he needed security given the Islamists are counting on him to become President, but in any case whom did he turn to? Well of course – to those murdering thugs at Blackwater!