Oh For God’s Sake Man, Quit Whining!

    It is inescapable.  The headlines are everywhere in the press and on the Blogosphere.  “President Blames GOP for Making Life Harder on Unemployed” “Obama Pins Lagging Economy on Obstructionist GOP” “Obama Blames GOP for Lack of Jobs” “Obama Blames Republicans for His Own Stealth Appointments” “Obama blames GOP for lack of bipartisanship” “Poor Jobs Report in August; Obama Blames Republicans”.  Enough already!  I feel compelled | Read More »

    The One… and his current (campaign) speech…

    I was just watching President Obama giving his speech in Ohio. To summarize… “Blame Republicans… blame “the previous administration” (AKA: George Bush)… John Boehner… Not my fault… not our fault… John Boenner… Republicans are being mean to me… Clean Energy… solar pannels… Republicans are responsible for the pain my agenda is causing in your life… Republicans fighting my agenda/Democrats are solving problems (avoid mention I told | Read More »

    Look inward, Congressman Clyburn. Look inward.

    As long as Congressman Clyburn is casting aspersions, making baseless accusations, and touting conspiracy theories, maybe what really happened was that Democrat operatives tried to wreck havoc with the Republican primary and it backfired? Thus, with Democrat votes being frittered away in the Republican primary, what’s his name who came in 2nd in the Democrat primary did not receive the votes he would have received | Read More »