Hello RedState!

    As one can find from a quick glance at my RS profile, I have been a registered user here for several months. I think RS is a fantastic site and a great resource for the conservative community. However, I have not taken the time to really engage the RS community by participating in the conversation. While I post at my blog Zoominac quite frequently, I | Read More »


    A Time for Choosing

    Update: More Info Added Here There’s this discussion we on the right have from time to time. You’ve had it, I’ve had it. We talk about how the left gets things done that we don’t. They have more traffic. They have more funding. They do it better. The right, we say, does it wrong. We have litany of reasons … bad use of tech by | Read More »



    I am usually conservative, but run libertarian sometimes. I am decidely Christian. How do I reconcile the two? Usually I don’t. My beliefs speak to what I believe politically, but not always. For example, I don’t believe in capital punishment as it is applied today even though I believe capital punishment is Biblical. Capital punishment is applied too haphazardly for it to be a valid | Read More »



    Well, I’m trying to get my RedState diary to accept posts via Scribefire, the Firefox add-on I use for my WordPress.com blog. I’m having trouble getting RedState to accept the login credentials even tho they’ve been entered correctly. I’ve tried to open a support ticket but the support site’s ticket URL won’t allow it and I can’t get anyone at RedState’s contact e-mail to respond. | Read More »


    Bloggers Get Press Creds From NY Police Dept.

    In a turn of events that should and will be used by bloggers all across the country, three news bloggers have prevailed over the New York City Police Dept. and received their press credentials despite being denied previously without explanation. The New York Times City Room Blog reports that that Rafael Martínez Alequin, Ralph E. Smith and David Wallis filed a federal lawsuit when each | Read More »

    Tools I Use To Blog: BlogAssist

    Being a Mac user, I find there is an infinite variety of cool blogging apps to make my life easier. Some are pricey and some are not. While I go back and forth on a lot of tools, there is one constant that I have used for years — BlogAssist. Without a doubt, 95% of the posts I’ve written have used BlogAssist. It makes me | Read More »


    “Bloggers Beware!”

    According to the Seattle Times, “State regulators are wondering whether online political activism amounts to lobbying, which could force Web-based activists to file public reports detailing their finances,” (Can Blogging be Lobbying?) and name their financial backers. As if most bloggers have financial backers. Does my husband count? Do I have to make a disclosure?

    2008 Weblog Awards

    It’s time! Nominate us by clicking on the “plus” sign at our nomination here. (Thank you Bizzy for nominating us, we returned the favor here.) Vote early, vote often, vote like a Chicago Democrat…just vote for WMD! (and Bizzy)


    Blogging to Win in November

    As with any election, this year’s will be determined largely by that 10% of undecided/independent voters. Also, judging from recent polls it seems as though a decent amount of Hillary Clinton’s 18 million primary votes will be up for grabs in critical battleground states like PA, OH and MI. I think there’s a real opportunity to get some of these folks to cast their ballots | Read More »

    Important FEC Ruling for Blogger Freedom…

    Apparently the FEC just made a good ruling for our side. The Heritage Foundation has the report… Blogger Freedom Reaffirmed Bloggers and web site operators may support, oppose, link to, and work cooperatively with federal political candidates. This freedom was reaffirmed when the newly re-constituted Federal Election Commission released its first two enforcement cases August 12. The Commission’s refusal to regulate blogging and internet sites | Read More »

    Unintended Consequences

    I wonder if more bloggers know about what a revival of the Fairness Doctrine might entail. No excerpt. Read it all. And if you support the Fairness Doctrine and have a blog, ask yourself whether you really want someone with differing views blogging at your site merely because the government tells you that you have to make those kinds of arrangements.


    6-7-08 My name is Lori Zarlenga- Blaquiere. I was born on September 14, 1961 in the state of Rhode Island. I am writing to you for your immediate help. My life is in immediate danger from orders issued by President George W. Bush and Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri to assassinate/murder me. The Department of Justice and law enforcement agencies, among others, are engaged in | Read More »

    Welcome to My Blog, Please See My Lawyer to Post Here

    What is the ages old misconstruction of Shakespeare? “First kill all the lawyers.” Well, one might excuse bloggers if they might wish to add the officers of the courts to that death sentence, at least if the experience of the bloggers at New York’s “Room 8″ blog are concerned. For Ben Smith and his fellow “Room 8″ bloggers, the world got a bit topsy-turvey not | Read More »

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