Blue Dogs or Battered Wives?

    It was only a week or so ago that we caught Blue Dog leader Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin spinning nonsense to her local press. She was pointing out that the Blue Dog caucus is larger than it has ever been — so large that they are ‘impossible to ignore’ — and then explaining why the Blue Dogs are forced to play dead while Barack Obama and the | Read More »

    “Blue Dogs” Spin Some Nonsense

    I’ve written before about the move by House “Blue Dogs” to roll over and agree to dramatically increase the federal deficit to pay for pork-barrel projects. So far the Blue Dog strategy seems to be to forget about balancing the budget for the foreseeable future in exchange for a vague promise down the road. It seems that Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin — the chief architect | Read More »

    Obama to Balance the Budget… Someday

    Congressional Blue Dogs are commonly described as moderate or conservative Democrats, but it’s probably more accurate to describe them as deficit hawks. While they’re typically somewhat to the right of their Democrat brethren, their calling card is an insistence on balanced budgets, including stiff tax increases to close deficits. So what’s a Blue Dog to do when your newly-elected president is calling for hundreds of | Read More »

    In which I am in COMPLETE agreement with Glenn Greenwald.

    He wants an auto-da-fe of the Blue Dog Democrats, and I for one would be happy to help. Hunt them through the halls of Congress, Glenn. Hunt them with torches and whips. Use dogs on them – or maybe cheetahs; it looks cooler, and they did that in medieval times. That’s the sort of vibe that you’re going with, right? The guttering torch, and the | Read More »


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