Is Minnesota In Play for Romney?

    Borrowing from Winston Churchill, it could be said —  from a political point of view — that Minnesota is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside of an enigma.  Perhaps that’s hyperbole, but it’s difficult to refute the fact that Minnesotans have been known for their colorful characters in state and national politics. The national spotlight shifted to Minnesota when former wrestler and independent candidate | Read More »

    Moving Right, Voting Left

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time in New Hampshire these past several days. I’ve been following the candidates and talking to real, live voters. In Dover this week, one of Gov. Sarah Palin’s biggest applause lines was when she welcomed people from Massachusetts, who had moved to the Granite State to pay lower taxes. It’s these same Massachusetts voters that have turned a formerly | Read More »

    Nevada a blue state?

    Nevada is on the verge of becoming a blue state. Nevada State Senate has a one person Republican edge.The National Democratic Party has targeted State Republican Senator, Bob Beers. If he loses and the Democrats have control of both chambers of the state legislature then they will have control over re-districting in the next census. That will make Nevada a blue state. Please give $25 | Read More »