In Utah, the Race for Second Place Begins

    One of the few votes Bob Bennett took in the Senate that was a legitimately conservative vote was against No Chlid Left Behind (“NCLB”).Bennett is now raising the issue of NCLB to highlight Tim Bridgewater’s past support and Bennett’s “nay” vote. Bennett is right that Bridgewater was wrong to support NCLB but Bennett’s record isn’t clean either. Senators DeMint and Cornyn introduced the APLUS Act | Read More »

    Bob Bennett (Utah) gets endorsed by

    Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Which is just another reason why we (Conservatives) need to insure that neither Romney or Gingrich is our nominee in 2012. What is up with Gingrich? He talks a good game and then goes out and endorses RINO candidates and plays “nice nice” with Liberals. – He endorsed Dede Scozzafava. – He teamed up with Hillary Clinton to try | Read More »

    Cherilyn Eagar and other challengers to Bob Bennett discuss international trade

    Cherilyn Eagar and other challengers to Bob Bennett discuss international trade. Free trade or Fair Trade. You decide. Free Trade isn’t free if it isn’t fair _______________________________________________________________ Cherilyn Eagar for U.S. Senate – Principles for a Change Fiscal Restraint Limited Government Free Market Solutions Energy Independence Strong National Defense … not only abroad and along our borders, but within our communities and our families. | Read More »

    Terrifying words: I’m from the government and I’m here to help

    Caucus success increases the momentum behind Eagar campaign Longtime activist going the distance, winning more and more support SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, March 22, 2010.  Cherilyn Eagar, like most Americans, recoiled with dismay as she watched the U.S. House of Representatives pass the bill that socialized the American healthcare system.  For Mrs. Eagar, who is running to replace Bob Bennett as one of Utah’s senators, | Read More »

    Utah’s Governor Has Taken to Blasting Bob Bennett

    What I know that you now know is that Bob Bennett really is toast. The delegate math does not work out for Bob according to people I’m close to connected to all the other camps and the Utah GOP.There is no path to victory for Bennett it would seem. Deals could be cut and that could be changed, but that’s the way things stand this | Read More »

    A Great Day In Utah

    I’m hearing from more and more people that last night was a truly great night for conservatives in Utah as Bob Bennett’s supporters were largely denied delegate spots to the State Convention.Across Utah, in most major areas, Bob Bennett’s supporters were shut out. In Provo, Bennett was able to come in first, but barely edged out Mike Lee.I’m getting reports from across the state, north | Read More »

    Dick Cheney vs. the Tea Party Activists

    It did not do Kay Bailey Hutchison any good in Texas, but she made the most of Dick Cheney endorsing her.In Utah, Bob Bennett has lined up Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Dick Cheney — calling in every imaginable favor to show he is the preferred candidate of the Republican Party.In other years that might help Bob Bennett, but as Utah Republicans go off to | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: In Summation

    For the past several weeks I think I have laid out why Bob Bennett must go. For years, he has drifted left in Washington while portraying himself as a solid conservative back in Utah.Last night, after Jim DeMint dropped legislation to repeal Obamacare, Bob Bennett signed on. But Bennett will not renounce his support of Wyden-Bennett, which funds abortion, has an individual mandate, and which | Read More »

    24, 23, 22 … Our Constitutional Rights Going, Going. Gone…?

    Once again Washington is bulldozing our Constitutional rights and foisting a socialist travesty on We the People. Our elected leaders continue to ignore us.  We are under attack.  The battle to “Take Back Medicine” we have been waging for years has just escalated with hardball politics as we have never seen before. This weekend the Democrats bludgeoned their own party members for hours in dirty | Read More »

    Is Orrin Hatch a Threat to Utah Jobs?

    Just the other day Republican Senator Bob Bennett released a letter attacking Mike Lee for Lee’s opposition to earmarks in relation to ATK Thiokol, a major employer in Utah.According to Bennett, the only way to protect ATK Thiokol’s NASA contracts is through earmarks, and trying to scare delegates into believing that because Mike Lee supports earmark reform (and a one-year moratorium), he presents a threat | Read More »

    Cherilyn Eagar: Term Limits? Not a one word answer.

    Two nights ago, in a candidate forum, a question was asked, “Term Limits. In one word, yes or no, do you support an amendment?” The candidates were then asked to raise their hands. All Senate candidates raised their hands except one: Cherilyn Eagar. If I had been given the opportunity to speak to that subject, I would first have said that a sound bite on | Read More »

    Bob Bennett’s Campaign Caught on Tape

    As you know, Utah is having its caucuses next week. People will be picked as delegates to go to the State Convention. At the convention, if Bennett cannot get 60% of the delegates to support him, he will either be defeated at the convention or be forced into a runoff.Bennett’s campaign is encouraging its supporters to show up at the caucuses and lie as best | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: Urging Supporters to Lie

    This is interesting. The Club For Growth sent out a press release that gives some on the ground scoop out of Utah not too flattering to Bob Bennett.As you know, Utah is having its caucuses next week. People will be picked as delegates to go to the State Convention. At the convention, if Bennett cannot get 60% of the delegates to support him, he will | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: TARP

    On March 23rd, if you live in Utah, you can show up at your local precinct caucus meeting and become a delegate into the convention process. You will have the power to boot Bob Bennett from his seat. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the penultimate reason. Bob Bennett voted for TARP. But he did not just vote for TARP, he made money off of the | Read More »

    Et tu, Mitt?

    Bob Bennett, as you know, is the TARP-backing, Bridge-to-Nowhere-supporting, health-care-takeover-proposing RINO running for his life to win re-nomination in Utah for a fourth term. Bob Bennett’s health care proposal – it’s called the Wyden-Bennett bill, remember – includes an individual mandate, forces taxpayers to subsidize abortions, supports “domestic partner” benefits, and would cost more than $1 trillion. He is an unrepentant earmarker, whom Senator Jim | Read More »