Mike Lee Defeats Bob Bennett

    Outstanding news. Bob Bennett just suffered his first defeat in the Utah race. Incumbent U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett has suffered his first defeat of any kind in his hotly contested inter-party race for re-election.At Friday night’s Cache County Republican Lincoln Day dinner, Bennett, who is finishing his third term as a senator from Utah, failed to get 40 percent of the 255 votes cast in | Read More »

    Why Sen. Bob Bennett Must Go

    I was on a conference call earlier today.  A couple of the guests were Sen. Bob Bennett and Rep. Eric Cantor.  Sen. Bennett talked about the political chicanery taking place with the HCR bill currently dying a horrific death in the House.  Rep. Cantor also spoke on the HCR package.  In addition Rep. Cantor mentioned the unilateral earmark moratorium the House Republicans passed. Sen. Bennett | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: Fannie Mae

    Tim Stewart worked for Bob Bennett as a legislative assistant for seven years. In 1999, Stewart left Bennett’s office to work for Fannie Mae in Utah. Bob Bennett’s son joined Stewart working for Fannie Mae.In 2006, Bennett’s former chief of staff, Chip Yost, left Bennett’s office to become a lobbyist. Guess who his client is? Fannie Mae.Tim Stewart moved back to DC a few years | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: He Routinely Breaches The Duty to Be A Good Fiscal Steward of the Public Dollar

    On August 3, 2009, Bob Bennett voted against an amendment that prohibited $17.5 million from being spent for the High Energy Cost Grant Program, which was targeted even by the Obama Administration as wasteful and redundant. Sen. Hatch voted the same way. (SOURCE).On March 13, 2008, Bennett voted against reducing FY 2009 funding by $750 million on programs rated “ineffective” by the OMB. The savings | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    Bennett routinely takes in nearly twice as much contributions from out of state than from within Utah. In the 2006 cycle, 63% of his contributions came from outside Utah. In the 2008 cycle, 62% came from out of state. So far in the 2010 cycle, 68% of his donations came from outside Utah. Overall, the Washington DC metro area is his second highest source of | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    Bob Bennett is such an arrogant senator that in 1994, when the United States Senate considered letting the masses park in their parking spots at Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport, Bennett joined Joe Biden and voted against the idea.Even Barbara Boxer voted in favor of letting the public in.Arlen Specter, Jay Rockefeller, Jim Jeffords, Bob Packwood, Chris Dodd, and Bob Bennett — that’s | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: His Campaign Staff is on RedState Attacking Conservatives

    Here’s a personal reason Bob Bennett must go. His campaign staff has been on RedState under multiple guises attacking not just RedState readers, but also sitting United States Senators who happen to be real conservatives — see e.g. Jim DeMint.It’s bad enough that an apparently married campaign worker is harassing female RedState readers, but to also be on here attacking Senator Jim DeMint, a Utah | Read More »

    Cherilyn Eagar challenges Mike Lee after he’s a no-show to radio debate

    Mike Lee cancels debate hosted by Lonsberry Cherilyn Eagar challenges him to man up and show what he’s got SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, March 5, 2010.  Yesterday morning should’ve been a banner day for the Eagar or Lee senate campaigns, with one camp boasting of a clear victory in a one-on-one debate on KNRS talk radio.  This much-anticipated clash of titans, to be hosted by | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    When given the chance to vote on an amendment that would have prohibited social security surplus funds from being spent on other government programs, Senator Bob Bennett opposed the amended this no brainer.(Roll call vote 65, 2008)

    Bob Bennett Must Go: Gay Marriage Edition

    Bob Bennett, so intent on winning re-election in Utah cast as the social conservative he is not, insisted that he be the Republican point man on gay marriage in Washington, D.C.Bennett sponsored a resolution that would force DC to put the issue to a referendum vote. But did Bennett fight for the legislation and force the Senate to vote on it? Nope. Gay marriage begins | Read More »

    Cherilyn Eagar continues fight against backroom political deal making

    Senate candidate declares, again, she will not be part of “politics as usual” SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, March 1, 2010.  Since her entry last June into the race for Utah’s senate seat, Cherilyn Eagar has warned that backroom deals are part of the “politics as usual” that has brought the United States to the terrible state they are now in.  She has declared, repeatedly, that | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: He Supports Amnesty

    In a Utah debate, Bob Bennett admitted to supporting amnesty. The challengers also attacked Bennett on immigration. Lee, for example, said, “I would vote against any form of amnesty. I wish I could say the same of the incumbent senator,” who Lee said did vote for it.Bennett denied that, saying “amnesty is in the eyes of the beholder.” He said he voted for “heavy fines | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go

    The Club for Growth informs us that Bennett voted against an amendment that would defund the “Bridge to Nowhere” pork project. Over the course of his career, he has supported countless earmarks like $200,000 for a museum in Omaha, Nebraska, and $3.7 million for the AFL-CIO. He also voted against a one-year earmark moratorium. SOURCE: Roll Call Vote #262, 10/20/05; #215, 07/06/09; #385, 10/23/07; #75, | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: Even UT-GOP Leaders Aren’t Backing Him

    He is a sitting United States Senator. He’s been around for decades. That means nothing this year. From the Governor to Congressmen to the legislature, Republicans in Utah have decided to sit this one out.If Bob Bennett were so great, why wouldn’t they be getting on board? In fact, Bennett is pretty bad and they know it. They also know just how vulnerable he is.If | Read More »

    Bob Bennett Must Go: The Individual Mandate

    I don’t know about you, but I think when proposing such bold initiatives, our senators should actually ask, “Is it constitutional?” But it is clear Bob Bennett does not respect the constitution. [N]ot every member of the GOP opposes an individual mandate.Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, backed an individual mandate as part of a bipartisan health reform bill he pushed with Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden. | Read More »