Kulturkampf And The ‘Tragic Wrong Turn’

    [The] larger point behind the effort to cast opponents of change as fascist: to make change istself the natural order by ridiculing the very notion of a natural order. The underlying dogma … is that social and gender roles are not fixed, that tradition, religion, and natural law have no binding power or authority over the individual’s will to power, and that the day we | Read More »

    LF 10: The Fascism of the Green Movement

    Liberal Fascism‘s Chapter 10 is full of good information.  I feel like I could probably write three different entries on this chapter alone.  However, in honor of the talks at Copenhagen this week, I thought I would limit my entry to the “Green Fascism” discussed in this chapter. Recently, “climate-gate” has exposed a number of problems with the “science” behind the global warming movement.  Those | Read More »

    LF 9: The Religion of Government

    From the diaries by Erick. Chapter 10 next week. But it’s worth looking at Reich as a true acolyte of the religion of government. When I came to the above sentence, it occurred to me that the same could be said for many of the most prominent liberal / progressive / statist politicians in today’s world.  “Man-made global warming” is obviously one of the religions | Read More »

    Goldberg’s “Brave New Village: Hillary Clinton…”

    The Ninth Chapter of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. Brave New Village: Hillary Clinton and the Meaning of Liberal Fascism As he says in an early paragraph of this chapter, Goldberg intends to give us “a group portrait of Hillary and her friends – the leading proponents and exemplars of liberal fascism in our time.” In doing so, he divides the main body of the material | Read More »

    Behind now, but racing to catch up

    Time constraints have forced me to fall behind in our reading of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism and have prevented me from posting in recent weeks. As a matter of fact, I’m only now half-way through Liberal Racism: The Eugenic Ghost in the Fascist Machine. However, my schedule has loosened up and I’m once again turning the pages at a healthy pace. It looks like I’ll | Read More »

    LF 8: The Myth of the “Right Wing Business”

    I think this chapter was the most informational of the book so far.  In keeping with the theme of the “Book Notes” project, I think the most important idea for conservatives to remember is actually captured on the second page of the chapter: These myths are entwined with one another in a magnificent knot of confusion.  Among the strands of this knot are the palpably | Read More »

    Liberal Fascism: Chapter 7

    Geez. I read this chapter last week and totally dropped the ball on writing about it, in part because it is so meaty. We probably should have divided this chapter in half there’s so much.Chapter 7 gives me one of my good laughs. I remember a speech Jonah gave in Atlanta last year in which he talked about Barack Obama standing before Planned Parenthood praising | Read More »

    LF Chapter 7: The Liberal Racist.

    This Chapter has enough information to create a week long discussion without the rest of the book.  It’s hard not to read this chapter and draw parallel’s between the now debunked global warming movement and the previously debunked eugenic movement.  Both movements were sacred cows of the liberals, and both involved letting the State control the daily lives of people.  With eugenics movement, the State | Read More »

    RS Book Notes, Week #7 – from Liberal Fascism

    Reading the Sixth Chapter of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism then posting our thoughts about it is our 6th week’s assignment in Red State’s Book Notes project. Chapter 6: From Kennedy’s Myth to Johnson’s Dream: Liberal Fascism and the Cult of the State Between this chapter’s introductory and concluding pages, Goldberg divides the main body of his material into the following named sections: He Died For | Read More »

    LF Chapter 6 and the Second Coming

    From the diaries by Erick. Glad you guys are participating so I don’t have to do all the writing every week. This was a great chapter. Read it on the way home from New York on Saturday. Next week, Chapter 7, promises to be relevant to what’s going on right now. I have thought for a while now that the left’s obsession with “man made | Read More »

    RS Book Notes, Week #6 – The 1960s: Fascism Takes to the Streets

    Reading the Fifth Chapter of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism then posting our thoughts about it is our 6th week’s assignment in Red State’s Book Notes project. Chapter 5: Sandwiched between this chapter’s introductory and summary pages, Goldberg presents his discussion in three named sections: The New Left’s Fascist Moment, The Action Cult, and Building a Politics of Meaning. Particularly memorable for me are a few | Read More »

    Liberal Fascism Chapter 5: We have to do something!

    I was struck reading chapter 5 of Liberal Fascism by how important action was above all else to different fascists groups of the 60’s. For example, when discussing the take over of Cornell, or the Weathermen, Mr. Goldberg discusses how important action is: The fascist state of mind can best be described as “Enough talk, more action!” Close the books, get out of the library, | Read More »

    Lib Fascism Chapter 5

    “The 1960’s: Fascism Takes to the Streets” Favorite Chapter Quote: “Western civilization was saved when the barbarians were defeated, at least temporarily, in the early 1970’s. We should be not only grateful for our slender victory but vigilant in securing it for posterity.” Pg 199 First let me say how refreshing it is to find publications which dispel the current nostalgic patina of peace and | Read More »

    Liberal Fascism – Chapter 4

    Confession: We have a liberal troll who, when I don’t get a post up on Monday, sends me needling emails about what losers we all are for even attempting this. If nothing else, his email serves as a good reminder that I need to post. But this week I did not read. I got busy at the SPN Conference, then came home sick. Luckily, Warrior | Read More »

    RS Book Notes, Week #5 – late this week

    Darn it! Events off-line have totally wrecked my schedule for the last few days and I’m unable to post this week’s assignment today as I should. And I’m sorry ’bout that. (Does this mean I’ll have to go sit in the corner?) However, I will be posting my thoughts re: Franklin Roosevelt’s Fascist New Deal, the 4th Chapter of Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism right here in | Read More »