The Shifting Spectrum

    What the hell do I do with this thing? As a rambling collection of my thoughts, it’s good to get them out of my head and on the screen if for my own sake and maybe my own sanity. I guess if nothing else, I can throw down a little political irritation, mixed with humor and with a dash of common sense. I knew for sure, my first | Read More »


    We Were Americans Then, and Young

    I OD’d on the Obasm real quick; thirty seconds into The Speech and I’d already recognized lines plagarized from at least three other inaugural addresses and I turned the idiot box off and went on with my life.  After all, the Inauguration is at 8 AM Alaska time and I had a meeting with my State Rep at 9 AM and I had a pretty | Read More »

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    What happened to my country?

    This country was founded by those who worked their butts off to survive and then succeed. From the aboriginals to the European settlers and beyond. At first, you worked hard or you died. Do we really believe that the aboriginals would have given the “Pilgrims” any help had they viewed them as lazy and seeking only a handout? Achievement has been the fuel and fire | Read More »

    And now, O Faithful, Let Us Pray and Beseech The One

    Let us begin the week with prayer in the grace-filled setting of the Obama cyberchapel! May the Obamites continue to make cracks about John McCain’s age, as an important sliver of the huge boomer demographic moves into their sixties… Lord Obama, hear our prayer! May The Iconic One continue to be seen in settings divorced from the experience of The Unworthy- Europe, Hawaii, etc… Lord | Read More »