Obama is a fake

    Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate was altered. He lied when he said his only living relative was his white grandmother in Hawaii. He has a half sister and brother in Kenya. His paternal mother admitted that he was born in Kenya. Phillip Berg Burg michaelsavage.com

    Obamalogic – Premies Aren’t People

    Barack Obama is committed at all costs to keeping all forms of abortion at any stage in the pregnancy, legal. One of the interesting consequences of this position is that it necessarily involves denying that a child is a person unless that child was full-term and intentionally delivered. For instance CNS News reports that Obama declared in 2002: Obama went on to question whether the | Read More »

    Another McCain Democrat

    Having had a lot of trouble logging onto this website over the past week or so, I decided to check out some other conservative as well as liberal webpages. I am a declared democrat but I always consider all sides and am always up for a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. I vote according to the person, NOT according to the party but I | Read More »