Smart Diplomacy

    Apparently they all look alike to the “Smartest President Evah”. I mean, if our President is going to break 200 years of tradition and bow to a foreign leader….. if our President is going to embarrass our country….. if our President is going to show slavish subservience….. Then, at least get it right. This is the man that deserve Obama’s, if not America’s bow….. I | Read More »

    America’s Great Apologist Grovels Again.

    I’ve been looking for something else to write about. Some change from the distressing, embarrassing and depressing norm in the news in this country these days. I’d like to do something light and optimistic. Sorry folks, just haven’t come across any Sugar Plum Fairies lately…unless you want to count Obama’s economic program…it’s for sure a fantasy, albeit a very dangerous one. I’d like, as well, | Read More »

    Secret bowing pushback conference call… EXPOSED!

    Many Bothans died to bring us this information. Via @simpson316. Moe Lane PS: Seriously, the President needs to start listening to his protocol droids office. Crossposted to Moe Lane.