Obama’s OSHA Pick, David Michaels, Makes Van Jones Look Tame

    At a time when the unemployment rate is nearing double-digits, President Obama’s OSHA nominee, David Michaels, threatens to be an occupational hazard. He’s also a radical. Conservatives who were outraged by Van Jones should be apoplectic about his tenure when they consider that — according to their website — OSHA “inspected 38,579 workplaces during Fiscal Year 2006.” David Michaels was behind the junk-science efforts to | Read More »

    Science Hysteria and BPA

    I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while — ever since I saw Gina Kolata’s write up in the New York Times. If you have small kids like I do (yes, that’s him last week. He’s growing), you have undoubted had to deal with fearful neerdowells scared by the levels of BPA in bottles. We had very good bottles we saved from our | Read More »


    FDA Defends BPA Against Environmental-Activists

    If you enjoy playing CDs/DVDs, drink bottled water or use utensils made of plastic then you’ve been exposed to BPA. Everyone uses BPA and most of us have spent our entire lives with products made with it. BPA is a safe non-toxic chemical widely used to make polycarbonate plastic that are found in countless products, such as, water bottles, baby bottles, pacifiers, plastic utensils, food | Read More »