Among the Most Wrong, in the Annals of Begin Wrong

    In annals of being wrong, my “The Seven Reasons McCain-Palin are a Lock to Win” should be among the nominees for the most wrong, and demands a response. Virtually every reason given for my all-to-certain win by McCain-Palin were wrong.

    Bradley Effect or Non-Effect?

    A lot of people on the left are worried about a “Bradley effect” where some people tell pollsters they’ll vote for an African American or are undecided to hide their racism and then once in the polls they’ll vote against the African American candidate. The Bradley effect campaigns happened betwen 1982-1992 beginning with Tom Bradley’s campaign for Governor and ending with Carol Mosebly-Braun’s Senate campaign | Read More »

    4 EC Votes, a Senate Seat and Two House Seats

    All of that is up for grabs in little old New Hampshire. A new poll shows Republican challenger Jennifer Horn creeping up on Representative Paul Hodes who won this seat during the blue tide of 2006. This race was never considered close, but a new poll shows Hodes leading by a meager four points (The margin of error is five). Horn has no political experience, | Read More »