What The American Orwell State Can and Can’t Secure

    What a society can and cannot protect speaks volumes about its underlying values. America has increasingly degenerated into a nation that indulgences in over the top, bullying security theatre while proving itself increasingly unable to protect things that are actually important. Congressman Jeff Duncan recently toured an IRS facility and saw agents firing AR-15s. He couldn’t help but wonder what these were for.

    “I think Americans raise eyebrows when you tell them that IRS agents are training with a type of weapon that has stand-off capability. It’s not like they’re carrying a sidearm and they knock on someone’s door and say, ‘You’re evading your taxes,’” Duncan said

    UVA student Elizabeth Daly will think twice about ever reaching for the cookie dough and bottled water at Harris-Teeter in Charlottesville, VA. It seems the crack para-military agents of the VA Alcoholic Beverage Control Gestapo were concerned that somehow that bottled water was more than just bottled water.

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    Another Scandal by Obama Adminstration

    Another Scandal by Obama Adminstration

    Amidst ongoing questions concerning the potential cover-ups by the Obama Administration of Fast and Furious and the Benghazi attack, another scandal is coming back to light for the White House.  The U.S. Secret Service made the news last April when a number of agents were suspended after being accused of consorting with prostitutes while in Cartagena, Columbia for the Summit of the Americas attended by | Read More »

    Sex Trafficking At The Conventions

    Sex Trafficking At The Conventions

    As thousands gathered last week for the Republican National Convention and will this week for the Democratic National Convention, another major story goes largely unreported right outside the convention doors.  As is the case with other large events, sex trafficking will spike in the convention cities and local efforts to fight the problem may partially be in vain.

    Daily Caller looks at Brandon Darby.

    Interesting article here from the Daily Caller on Brandon Darby, who people might remember as being the former fringe-left activist who helped the FBI shut down a domestic terrorist cell planning to murder people at the Republican national convention. For this act of elementary patriotism and decency he has, of course, been vilified (the woman mentioned in passing as being arrested for making death threats | Read More »

    Upcoming trial in Austin domestic terrorism case?

    (Via Instapundit) Apparently at least one member of the Austin left-activist community was upset to at the way that one of their ‘own’ betrayed them.  And by ‘betrayed them’ I mean ‘revealed details of a terrorist plot to the FBI:’ A Texas woman faces trial this month in Austin on charges she threatened to kill a government informant who infiltrated an Austin-based group that planned | Read More »