“We’re In The Fast Lane to Polygamy”

    Mark Steyn (no surprise) was one of the first to note where all of this is heading. Well, he (and the rest of us who have made the same argument) were…. right…. Five years ago, proponents of same-sex marriage went into full you-cannot-be-serious eye-rolling mode when naysayers warned that polygamy would be next. As I wrote in that Western Standard piece: “Gay marriage, they assure | Read More »

    The democrat Real Plan for America

    The mask is slipping a bit.Biden, like Obama, can only pose as a moderate for just so long.The pose is failing:http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/sep/03/uselections2008.joebidenThe ‘hope’ these bloviating clowns wish to inflict on America is ‘hope’ to outlaw Conservatives and Patriots.The ‘change’ they want to inflict on us is to use the power of the Federal government to make it permanent. Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are not only | Read More »