What don’t you know and how will you learn it?

    The last question of Tuesday’s debate was submitted by Peggy Silva, a high school teacher from Amherst, New Hampshire. The question was “What don’t you know and how will you learn it?” According to today’s Nashua Telegraph: Tom Brokaw is a friend of Silva’s daughter’s father-in-law, who e-mailed Brokaw right away to tell him who asked the final question. Small world? Silva also has been | Read More »

    Brokaw sucks

    Brokaw lost his credibilty with american people last night. I did not hear one question of substnace that should have and would have come out if there was no moderator. Your going to tell me that people only wanted to ask questions about things they hear about in every stump speech.I have a hard time swallowing that none of these questions was wanting to be | Read More »

    Submit Questions to Brokaw for Tuesday’s Presidential Debate (deadline today)

    They are still taking questions for the townhall debate that will take place on Tuesday, but the deadline is TODAY. I’m sure that they are getting liberal questions at a rate of 100-1, considering that it’s myspace.com and that the left tends to spam such things. But although Tom Brokaw will be the one to make the final selections, I don’t think it’s a bad | Read More »

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