The Coming Crash

    By: Dr. Jeffrey “Jake” Baker Wednesday November 10, 2010If you want to view America in 2012, simply look across Europe where unions are growing, spending has been unrestrained and irresponsible, and people see government – not the private sector – as their salvation. Unrest, even militancy, is growing at an alarming rate, as violence spreads even to once safe, quiet neighborhoods. Both Spain and Greece are | Read More »

    Santa Arrives a Day Early…

    Santa snuck down our chimney early this year with a welcome little gift. It really hasn’t been a great year for Republicans, and especially for conservative Republicans. And it’s easy to lapse into the doldrums looking at the tasks ahead of us in the coming two years when the so-called Party leadership appears to be busy cementing themselves into their old jobs so they can | Read More »

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