Obama’s Just $4.3Trillion Short

    Alan Reynolds points out that Barack Obama’s math just doesn’t add up: The new president, whoever he is, will start out facing a budget deficit of at least $1 trillion, possibly much more. Sen. Obama has nonetheless promised to devote another $1.32 trillion over the next 10 years to several new or expanded refundable tax credits and a special exemption for seniors, according to the | Read More »

    Worst Congress in History

    In 2006, the Democrats rode a wave of anti-Iraq war sentiment, GOP ethics scandals, and an unpopular President Bush into a stunning majority. Nancy Pelosi was given the helm by the vote of the new majority. I think its worth reminding the country of their record: They promised to end the Iraq war. The Democratic Congress, having promised what they could not possibly achieve, failed | Read More »

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