An Addiction So Severe Even Obama’s Unicorns Can’t Heal It

    What do you do with a friend who’s self-destructive? Someone who maybe overindulged for whatever reason, and is now addicted to their drug of choice? Do you ignore the problem, hoping it’ll go away on its own? Maybe confront the person, and risk losing a friend, hoping to save a life, but in the end losing the friend and the life because they refused to | Read More »

    In California, Atlas Twitches

    It seems over the last several years quite a few stories have cropped up in the news of Californians abandoning the state. In 2005, they were headed to the Midwest; A growing number of people are leaving California after a decade of soaring home prices, according to separate data from the Census Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service and the state’s finance department. Last year, a | Read More »

    Time for the GOP to Get Out of the Way

    With yesterday’s announcement from the Congressional Budget Office that the fiscal year 2009 federal budget deficit is projected to be $1.2 trillion dollars, Republicans in the House and Senate should realize that the time has come for them to pull their support for any economic stimulus package proposed by the incoming Obama Administration. The CBO’s budget numbers don’t include the as yet unseen stimulus bill, | Read More »

    Obama: ‘Trillion-dollar deficits for years to come’

    President-elect Obama predicts “trillion-dollar deficits for years to come.” “We’re already looking at a trillion-dollar budget deficit or close to a trillion-dollar budget deficit, and that potentially we’ve got trillion-dollar deficits for years to come, even with the economic recovery that we are working on at this point,” Obama said. The federal deficit was about $455 billion for fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, | Read More »

    Budget Cuts You Can Believe In

    I find myself in the awkward position of agreeing with Washington State Governor, Christine Gregoire. I know they say there’s a first time for everything, but still, it’s weird. According to the Seattle Times, Gregoire favors deportations as a way to cut state’s jail costs. I agree with that! Her proposal estimates that deporting illegal immigrants — who are serving or would serve time in | Read More »

    California: a bastion of sanity

    Two quick news stories in California crossed my field of view in the past few days which I found, er, interesting, to say the least. First, if you ever happen to visit California and I happen to be in a car crash while you’re present, do not under any circumstances move me out of the car if you think the car might explode. If you | Read More »

    Obama to Balance the Budget… Someday

    Congressional Blue Dogs are commonly described as moderate or conservative Democrats, but it’s probably more accurate to describe them as deficit hawks. While they’re typically somewhat to the right of their Democrat brethren, their calling card is an insistence on balanced budgets, including stiff tax increases to close deficits. So what’s a Blue Dog to do when your newly-elected president is calling for hundreds of | Read More »

    Budget Cut Reactions

    Judging from the reactions to the Governor’s proposed budget cuts, it seems the pain was fairly distributed. Ken Stolle and Ken Cuccinelli are up in arms over the cuts to public safety and the move to let non-violent prisoners out of jail 90 days early as opposed to 30 days. The teachers’ union is upset about the nicks in their sacred budget cow and the | Read More »

    The New York Taxpayer: Piggybank to the State

    (Cross-posted at SLC Republitarian) New York’s “Governor” Paterson has made it clear, with his proposed $121-billion budget that he’s focused not on New York’s declining economy, but on the fiscal health of the State government. And, as usually happens when you put the cart before the horse, it could spell disaster for both. Paterson has proposed some budget cuts — not as dramatic as some | Read More »

    A tale of two budgets

    When things get tough, what kind of budget decisions do governors make? That depends on the governor, his or her governing philosophy and what those philosophies have done for their respective states. In New York state, Gov. David Patterson wants the taxpayers to do the heavy lifting. His proposed $121 Billion budget for the coming year would increase state spending by 1.1 percent ($1.3 Billion) | Read More »

    MythBusters, Olympia Edition

    Following in the footsteps of the popular show, MythBusters, the Seattle Times ran an article today exploding the popular notion that the Washington State Constitution requires the adoption of a balanced budget. I’m not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that our legislators were ignorant of the requirements of our Constitution for so basic a function as budgeting or the fact that intrepid Seattle | Read More »

    Ronald Hoover Roosevelt Obama

    There was question in the media about exactly how president-elect Obama planned to deal with the economic crisis. Some have speculated that he would move right with moderate economic policies that would foster growth the old-fashioned way – by creating wealth through the methodical process of wise capital formation and deployment. And several of his appointments including Reagan-era Fed chairman Paul Volcker, Christina Romer, a | Read More »

    What would YOU spend your $3,271 Bailout Check on? A “Bailout” to “Believe in”

    As discussions go on and on over whom to Bailout next, and with how much Taxpayer money to add directly to the National Debt, the Pay-Go crowd (what Democrats mean by that is, Pay for Votes and Go unaccountable) prepares a new Stimulus plan. AP: The latest federal moves raised U.S. commitments to contain the financial crisis to nearly $7 trillion.With $700 Billion (TARP) already | Read More »

    Having the alcoholic design his recovery plan

    The government will do “whatever it takes” to revive the economy, Obama said. That means “we shouldn’t worry about the deficit next year or even the year after,” he said, adding that in the short term, “the most important thing is that we avoid a deepening recession.””Whatever it takes”? “Whatever”? Biggest lie of the millennium right there, folks. (Biggest lie of the previous millennium? Satan | Read More »

    Leviathan: A Little History

    Time for some hard numbers to follow on this post discussing “fiscal conservatism” and provide some historical perspective on the GOP’s successes and failures in controlling taxes and spending. The bottom line here is pretty much what you’d expect: Republicans have had better luck cutting taxes than spending; a GOP Congress and specifically a GOP House is more important to fiscal discipline even than a | Read More »