Corporate Taxes: Democrats Have the Right Question but the Wrong Answer

    Senators Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) and Carl Levin (D-Michigan) deserve some credit for being smart enough to go to the GAO and ask a sensible question when they commissioned a recent study on why more than two thirds of foreign corporations and about half of the domestic companies doing business in the US get away with not paying corporate taxes in any given year. The | Read More »

    How to stop the bag tax

    From what I understand, Governor Schwarzenegger’s 2008-2009 Budget for California includes a 10-percent across-the-board spending reduction, because he wants there to be a linkage between tax revenues and spending. He wants to sell bonds to avoid a shortfall in California’s cash reserves but does not seem to want to use any of that income to pay back old bonds. Instead, he wants to reduce spending.( | Read More »

    NOW You are Working for YOU! Freedom From Taxes Day Has Arrived

    Yesterday was finally the end of the days this year when you were working to pay the government its exorbitant fees. That’s right, July 16 was Cost of Government Day for the average American. Grover Norquist , author of the recent book “Leave Us Alone,” has once again crunched the numbers and determined how long it takes most of us to finally pay off our | Read More »

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