A Conversation About Taxes

    My liberal friend showed up today with a Cheshire cat smile. She could not wait to have me explain why in this cruel world a super billionaire like Warren Buffet should pay a mere 17% in income taxes. Even Buffet himself said that his taxes were too low!  So I asked her a question.  “Is the income tax for people that pay over 6 million | Read More »

    The Ignorance of Warren Buffett

    The NYT printed an Op-Ed from Warren Buffett today that proclaimed the “super-rich” don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  Buffett bases his opinion on his own tax bill, which was only 17.4% of his taxable income.  This class warfare hit piece is being lauded by the media and is being described by some as courageous, sacrificial and fair.  I have some other words that | Read More »

    The Oracle Is Always Right

    The other day on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough mentioned that Warren Buffet had met Sarah Palin. According to Joe, Warren thought Gov. Palin was very smart, driven, and a quick study. I searched and searched to try and find the exact quote, but to no avail. The only thing I could find was this video of Warren after Sarah was elected Governor of Alaska. Other | Read More »

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