It’s 3:00am…Again

    We’ve had 71 3:00am’s since the Deepwater Horizon disaster begain. Remember the Hillary Clinton “It’s 3:00am…” ad (for a refresher, go here)? Via Ace, RightChange has a devastating ad. Do watch the whole thing: Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo. Like I said above, there have been 71 3:00am’s since this epic environmental disaster began and Obama has yet to answer the call. Between | Read More »

    Connect The Dots, Follow The Money

    Ed Morrissey has written some good stuff about last year’s Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in response to a problem created in large part by Mattel’s recall of 2 million toys, made mostly overseas, after it was discovered that they contained large amounts of lead. Unfortunately, the law allows the Consumer Product Safety Commission to require resellers at thrift shops and garage sales to | Read More »