Key Witness In Burris Investigation Killed In Auto Accident

    Monday June 9th, a gentleman named John Ruff of Sandwich Illinois died when his car struck a tree on Rogers Road in Plano (Kendall County) Illinois. Forty-two years old, a father of four, Mr. Ruff’s funeral was yesterday (Saturday). There are so many things I want to say and can easily imply to this event, but I’ll let The Chicago Sun Times do allot of | Read More »

    Good news for GOP in Illinois

    I thought this had to be a joke or I was reading The Onion. But it really does look like Burris is raising money to run for reelection in 2010. In another chuckle today, Drudge had this headline: Administration to take on international tax dodgers… I figured it was an article about Obama making some more cabinet nominations or czar appointments..

    Governor, Senator, President?

    One Chicago pol is already out.  A second looks like he is on his way?  Can we be so lucky as to have a third corrupt Chicago pol resign?  Heck the second one is probably going to resign over some low five figure corruption. While we know that more than $300K was involved in the third one’s dealing with a convicted criminal. There is also | Read More »

    Gov Pat Quinn calls for Burris to resign.

    [UPDATE] Well, well, well: I may be happy to be proven wrong in this case: “Illinois governor says Burris should resign Quinn says a new senator should be chosen by special election.” Via Hot Air. Reported by Jim Geraghty: given the drumbeat of articles cropping up (“Black Ministers May Rethink Backing Sen. Burris,” and “Blagojevich aide tells of Burris call in fall,” and “What people | Read More »

    Roland the Pooh

    Roe Conn, the afternoon host on 890 AM – WLS in Chicago pointed out the similarity between the voices of Roland Burris and Winnie the Pooh.  Someone put together this video to illustrate:   -Moe, thanks for encouraging me to post this myself.

    Well, Senator Burris (D-IL) is from Illinois.

    Annnnd that would be perjury: Blago hit up Burris for cash EXCLUSIVE | In his third sworn version of events, senator confirms pitch for donations Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s brother solicited U.S. Sen. Roland Burris for up to $10,000 in campaign cash before Blagojevich named Burris to the coveted post — something Burris initially failed to disclose under oath before an Illinois House impeachment panel, | Read More »

    Burris, Smurris, Just Seat The Guy !

    Roland Burris went to Washington with papers in hand stating that he was the Junior Senator from Illinois. Papers that prove that he was appointed legally to fill the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. Papers that gave him the legal authority to take the oath of office along with 99 other Senators who began the 111th Congress. So Hapless Harry Reid read the papers, | Read More »

    The Change Bus Drives Off the Cliff of Insanity

    The Change Bus is rapidly swerving off the cliff of insanity & Barry hasn’t even taken office yet! I mean, seriously folks, this “presidential transition” has reality show train wreck written all over it. Consider what “The One” has brought us before even taking office: 1. BLAG-O-GATE: Who among us hasn’t enjoyed the splendor of Blog-o-gate? I personally love the fact that the clown is | Read More »

    And Now, a Memorial to Harry Reid on this Momentous Day

    The 111th Congress is seated today, and in light of this and this, Caleb and I put together a little… uh.. tribute in his honor. Hope you enjoy. Open thread for all the day’s festivities.

    Republicans Should Seat Burris

    Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, somehow thinks he should have a say in the Senatorial appointments/elections in Illinois.  Putting aside a general election (which I would prefer), it is a forgone conclusion that Illinois will anoint a Democrat to fill Obama’s Senate seat. So what? Governor Blagojevich’ appointment of Ronald Burris is legal and doesn’t seem to require any other approvals (like that of | Read More »

    What is Harry Thinking?

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears not to know his constitutional law very well. Of course he’s going to seat Roland Burris. Apparently, he just doesn’t realize it yet. When Blagojevich’s predecessor, George Ryan, was governor, and his administration was rocked by scandal,he too made some important decisions. He picked death row inmates to commute their sentences.   As Bigbagofwind points out, nobody suggested then that these inmates should be executed | Read More »