Spainmas Interruptus.

    Via Hot Air (and I love the name Ed came up with for this one), the AP does everything it can to keep the dream from dying, but they’re up against some tough objective reality, here: Spanish AG says no torture probe of US officials MADRID – Spanish prosecutors will recommend against opening an investigation into whether six Bush administration officials sanctioned torture against terror | Read More »

    Today’s Podcast: Tea Parties, the Bush Six, and International Affairs.

    I did my twice-monthly radio podcast with Fausta – we discussed Tea Parties, Cuba, the “Bush Six,” pirates of Somalia, the Vatican’s rejection/non-rejection of pro-choice ambassadors, the DHS rightwing extremist issue, and even a quick mention of IL-05. And, oh yeah, I sneered at the pro-torture Left. Just because I felt like it. Podcast and the various links mentioned after the fold. I would like | Read More »