The Gift That Just Keeps Giving.

    All the world is finger-pointing at Israel and the United States as the authors of the Iranians’ nemesis Stuxnet. I think they / we should take credit for it. The Iranian capacity for dealing with Stuxnet has been nearly non-existent. The car in which Majid Shahriari was killed. The only pretense they had at combating the rampaging worm was taken out by assassins that everyone | Read More »

    Was Bushehr Bushwhacked?

    A low level story from Christian Science Monitor that hasn’t risen above most folk’s radar yet, but arguably much more important than the other things we have been arguing about recently. Since this happens to be my professional area of expertise, I’ve been tracking the appearance of the Stuxnet worm since June. But even I am surprised by this turn of events. Stuxnet is a | Read More »