Trash-Talking Santa

    http;// Trash-Talking Santa by Michael Goodell I’m a great student of advertising, especially that found on television. More than just about any other medium, advertising can provide an accurate picture of contemporary society. Now, this is not a foolproof device by any means. For example, just the other day I remarked to my wife that the economy must be improving. When she asked why | Read More »

    No Cadillac for You

    Even though the government and its friends in the United Auto Workers now own General Motors, the class warrior in Obama just can’t stop thinking of “Cadillac people” as The Enemy. In a PBS interview last week, President Obama talked of "penalizing insurance companies who are offering super, gold-plated, Cadillac plans." Ditto the Democrats in Congress. Kent Conrad (D-ND) is among those on the Senate | Read More »