A Coherent Energy Policy: Conservation?

    Many on the Left, including Obama, seem to believe that conservation efforts are a major part of the solution. As part of this effort, the government has mandated that we use use 8 billion gallons of corn ethanol blended into gasoline by the end of this year. Obviously, corn farmers and their representatives are very happy about this. The government is so convinced that ethanol | Read More »

    The genius of the Chevy Volt – at $40k each

    This is just a quick entry, but it came to me as an epiphany. I was thinking, why on earth would anyone buy an underpowered, POS Malibu without an engine for $40k each?   Then I realized that “no one” was the answer, but the Volt was not made to be purchased – except by idiot tree-huggers.  The real reason it was made was to “buy” | Read More »