Everybody Beats Dodd In Latest Q-Poll

    The latest Q poll is out, and despite his seemingly endless repetition of the worn out “all I can do is my job” line and his protestations that he intends to run again, Chris Dodd and Democratic party leaders have some serious thinking to do. The poll, released this morning, shows Dodd getting crushed in a match-up against Rob Simmons, 34/50, and losing to Sam | Read More »

    Kos Poll Shows Dodd/Simmons Still Tight

    Research 2000’s poll for Daily Kos shows Dodd up 45-40 on Simmons, with a 4% MOE. While a bit better for Dodd than the last Q poll, it is difficult to compare two different polls with different samples, different questions and different methodologies. In any event, these are still pretty poor numbers for a three decade incumbent. Dodd’s favorable/unfavorable is +7 (13 no opinion), while | Read More »