GOP Takeover In 2008? (updated)

    In what should be a plum year for the Democrats, the Energy Crisis could shoot the GOP into prime position. Obama and the Democrats (the leadership of whom seem to be has talked a lot about the power of a ‘movement’. His movement has no substance, however, based on a ‘carry moonbeams home in a jar’ fantasy world (maybe he could convince Disney to construct | Read More »

    S Dakota Senate Race Against Tim Johnson Is Getting Interesting

    It seems that despite promise to engage in debates against his Republican challenger Joel Dystra, Tim Johnson has reversed course and announced that he will NOT participate in ANY debates with his challenger. In a statement Friday, Johnson said he will dispense with a widely held political tradition in South Dakota as he seeks a third Senate term because he thinks face-to-face debates will not | Read More »

    The Other Side

    I sat at a table in Wilmington, NC Attending a conference courtesy of GE. Both sides were invited, but only one came A staffer named Don (representing McCain), Don gave his talk on policy things, Told of energy plans, invited us to the ring, Fielded our questions as best as he could, Said that McCain wouldn’t just knock on wood. On opposite side, Nobody stood | Read More »

    Social Welfare and the Republican Party

    The disparate media attention due to the recent (current as of this writing) overseas trip by Barack Obama, along with recent polling data, has highlighted a potentially major weakness in the McCain campaign. Our opponent excites people above, beyond, and outside the scope of logical reasoning. He enamors, hypnotizes, and woos them. He has clear strengths in terms of charisma and presence. The July 21 | Read More »

    Quest for the Democratic VP

    Someone posted here on RS that Obama should ‘run by himself’. While that might be the best solution, the media has actually published a list of qualifications straight from the burning bush. The New York Times describes Obama’s [search] ( for a VP as a ‘quest’ involving a small army of researchers looking into past histories. While this generally is a wise tactic, how would | Read More »

    A Novel Idea for McCain…from the New York Times?

    Even a columnist writer from the NYTimes can write a decent article now and then.

    Bob Hunter for North Carolina Court of Appeals

    Recently, Richard Bernier sat down with Bob Hunter, a candidate for the North Carolina Court of Appeals. This video is half an hour long, and will air on URTV on Charter Cable in Buncombe, Madison, and portions of Haywood County in North Carolina. Candidate Web Site In North Carolina, judges have been changed over to nonpartisan races because Republicans were winning all the races, and | Read More »

    Breaking News from ONN (Obama News Network)

    ONN – Thursday, July 24 – Berlin, Germany – 4:06 PM EST Senator Barack Obama’s whirlwind campaign tour through Europe gained momentum as he addressed a massive crowd (most of whom were the U.S. media and campaign staffers) in the critical swing state of Germany. Just as in America, the German crowd had no idea what the hell Senator Obama was saying, but it must | Read More »

    The Unofficial 2008 Democratic Presidential Campaign Song

    They are broadcasting this sound:Obama saves! Obama saves!Squelch his flip-flopping around:Obama saves! Obama saves!Bear the news throughout the land,Across papers and TV waves;The MSM now doth command;Obama saves! Obama saves! The liberals now agree:Obama saves! Obama saves!Druids rub their hands in glee:Obama saves! Obama saves!Sing, Pelosi, Harry Reid;Oprah, Gore and Hillary?!;McCaskill joins in accolades:Obama saves! Obama saves! Sing above the battle strife:Obama saves! Obama saves!of | Read More »

    Why does media discriminate against this senator?

    It’s a touchy point with me, the matter of Sen. John McCain’s age. Media just can’t talk about it enough—the latest is an Associated Press story that (again) explores how voters feel about the matter. Seems like only yesterday the Democratic Party as well as media maintained an obsession with equal rights for all including those who don’t belong to Gen X. The AP story | Read More »

    Nine Ideas To Jump-Start The McCain Campaign.

    Hi all. I was just brainstorming recently on ideas to help boost McCain’s campaign. Inoticed recently he reshuffled his campaign management, mostly due to pressurefrom the RNC (even though he de facto runs the RNC right now!) and from thisidea that he’s essentially wasted the last 3 months when Obama and Hillary havebeen sparring with each other. Anyways, what follows are my 9 thoughts:

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