New dem strategy

    Divide and conquer.  Attack right-wing, gun-toting, pro-life, Bible thumping teabaggers.  Do independents and moderates REALLY want to vote for the uber right?  We must stay strong and united.

    On silos and the healing power of tea

    The concept of a silo is a rather simple one:  A vertical tower or a shaft dug in the ground where items of like types, usually freshly harvested grains, can be kept.  Silos are useful for storing large quantities of like products.  The millions of kernels of corn, wheat and other grains harvested on a given day are placed into a particular silo so that | Read More »

    Utah Senator Bob Bennett is No Friend of the Constitution

    photo credit: Deseret News

    Due primarily to the influence of a large number of members of the LDS Church, Utah has an interesting political dynamic with regards to the Constitution. A majority of residents would agree with the statement that the Constitution is an inspired document, and many profess a love of and respect for this foundation of our government. More importantly, there are many who are willing to promote and defend its principles—evidenced by the swelling ranks and increased activity of organizations such as the Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party Patriots, 9/12, Patrick Henry Caucus, John Birch Society, and others.

    At a time when our Constitution is being ignored, subverted, and dismissed as an anachronistic piece of history, we have seen a number of individuals who are concerned enough to offer their services in its defense by stepping into the 2010 Senate race. Many of the positions held by these candidates are familiar to Utahns because they are based in the Constitution, founded upon the principles of liberty, and resonate with individuals seeking to get the federal government off of their backs and out of their wallets.

    Three-term incumbent Senator Bob Bennett, however, appears clearly out of step with this adherence to the Constitution and out of touch with his constituents. So foreign is his message to those he portends to represent that in one recent “fireside chat” he stated that he was holding such meetings to “reintroduce [himself] to the people of Utah.” A recent poll showed that 73% of Republicans voters feel that congressional Republicans have lost touch with their base. Senator Bennett, then, certainly has plenty of company.

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    No Spin Zone

    There are no more spin doctors in the Democratic Party. They are simply dissemblers. They are deliberately making up stories out of thin air to create a firewall protecting their “Dear Leader”. Gone are the days when strategists and party pundits tried to twist the facts to make their side look blameless and righteous, though misunderstood. The race in Virginia is a prime example. From | Read More »

    Just Words?

    The liberals have taken the high ground by using “perception” words to make them soubd like the good guys.   We need to counter that by making them look foolish whenever they do. That’s easily done by asking questions that put the word back in context. For instance whenever a liberal calls themselves progressive, ask them What is “progressive” about regressing back into Totalitarianism? Or if | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Never Ending Campaign

    The 2008 campaign has been over for nearly five months. The inauguration took place just over 60 days ago. Yet Barack Obama still acts as if he is campaigning and trying to convince voters to elect him to office rather than fulfilling the responsibilities of the office he already holds with some sort of sanity. Every press appearance he makes is staged like a campaign | Read More »

    Conservatism will fail in the Republican party if…

    We do not start publicly decrying those Republicans who are Republicans In November Only just to court the conservative base and then abandon us once elected.   We do not stop accepting ‘the lesser of evils’.  Some pain is going to be necessary to over come this death spiral of accepting moderates and those Really Interested in Nothing Overt when it comes to principals.

    Media Malpractice?

    This is shocking, but not surprising: The video was prepared by John Ziegler, who also commissioned a poll to see what the average voter learned during the 2008 campaign. The result: 57.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing) 81.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing) 82.6% could | Read More »

    Palin-Rice ’12?

    The Republican ticket in 2012: Sarah Palin for PresidentCondoleeza Rice for Vice-President Think it’s crazy? Why shouldn’t Sarah Palin consider Condi for VP should she win the Republican nomination in 2012? Condoleeza Rice is a foreign policy expert, she’s served the first four years in the Bush administration as the National Security adviser and the next four as Secretary of State. Because she’s a governor, | Read More »

    McCain’s Rodents of Unusual Size

    Just wanted to make a brief observation regarding the Palin smears coming from the McCain camp. I’ve commented before that my personal experience working for a McCain organization in D.C. in the 1990s gave me the impression that McCain was a snake and the people he surrounded himself with were mostly (as the Princess Bride put it) “Rodents of Unusual Size.” The cowardly (dare I | Read More »

    Stand up and speak out, Sen. McCain!

    Dear Sen. McCain: Sir, you must be aware that the media has been on fire passing along vicious rumors from unattributed sources within your campaign attacking Sarah Palin. You are the only one who can put an end to this. You chose your campaign staff, and you chose your running mate. To paraphrase Harry Truman, the buck stops with you. If you are indeed the | Read More »

    The Myth of Obama’s “Brilliant Campaign”

    Despite their political differences with Obama, many conservatives and conservative pundits are reinforcing the liberals’ idea that Barack Obama ran an “almost flawless,” “brilliant,” “error-free,” or in (Steve Forbe’s words) “miraculous campaign.” Part of resistance to Obama should be deconstructing this aura of infallibility that even some conservatives are granting him. The point of a campaign is to win, obviously–so Obama’s campaign was successful on | Read More »

    O is NO Kennedy!

    Wow! Don’t see this everyday,a Liberal Democrat giving GOP campaign speeches in Manhattan! Former Robert Kennedy NY Campaign Manager campaigning for McCain! The landslide is coming! If this link doesn’t work go to to view it. GOTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Support Chain for McCain Event on Election Day November 4th

    What: Support Chain for McCain Event on Election Day Where: MSN Maps Driving directions: St Louis, MO to Philadelphia, PASt.Elmo, IL 62458 When: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM (All Day if you can) About: In the following states: Illinois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania It is the I-70 Corridor from St.Louis to Philadelphia, bring a Church Bus, car load, family, friends, walk…just | Read More »

    The Price of the Presidency

    A Pastor Friend recently documented the laughable ease with which he donated to the Obama campaign from South Africa using a false name. He rightly asked “Where is the Outrage?” Where indeed, more to point “where is the prosecution for this and the host of other obvious acts of fraud that have been and continue to be blatantly used to help elect Obama?” Well, the | Read More »