I don’t know about you, but I am getting real tired of hearing about how John McCain has run a terrible campaign. McCain should do this, McCain should do that, McCain should go here, McCain should go there. McCain lost this opportunity, McCain lost that opportunity. McCain should attack, McCain should be positive, Palin was a bad pick, etc. etc. ad nauseam. As far as | Read More »

    Why is this not getting more attention

    Apparently every wants to talk about the Todd hoax instead of the issue of real importance: Obama’s donation website does not verify addresses before accepting credit cards. This is something that is simple and easy for ordinary people to understand. Anytime you buy something online, if you make a mistake entering your address or name your credit card won’t be accepted. But Obama is not | Read More »

    Campaign goes over the line [Now, Carol R-, we need you not to pretend.]

    [You’re actually from Oregon – cranberry farm owner, oddly enough; I didn’t think that the West Coast had those – and your disillusionment with the Republican Party actually apparently started last election cycle. Both of which are your privilege, but lying about things here is not a good idea.] [When you’re ready to not misrepresent yourself, email the Directors for reinstatement. – Moe Lane] As | Read More »

    MESSAGE RESPONSE to Palin’s Clothing: Obamas $800K for Acorn Fraud Much Worse

    NYTimes is doing their biased reporting as usual. Fortunately, they are running out of cash. Especially with a credit freeze, they can tank into bankruptcy very easily. I think we collectively have to try to get everyone on the same response message. Whenever Palin’s clothing spend is mentioned, we should respond with “Much worse and relevant is the $800K Obama spent for Acorn Fraud.” The | Read More »

    McCain Campaign Needs To Get Its Act Together NOW!

    The incompetency of the McCain campaign is getting really irritating. First, they can’t stick to one clear message and then frame everything to support it. They use a scatter gun approach. Second, they have no ability to respond to or reframe attacks on them. They do not have one clear response to any attacks nor seem to tell their surrogates any talking points. Every time | Read More »



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    It’s come down to the wire on the Battleground

    When it comes to political public opinion polls, if I had to pick the one which I would trust more than all the others, it would be the Battleground Poll. Unlike most other polls, the Battleground presidential poll is a bipartisan effort of The Tarrance Group, a company with Republican clients, and Lake Snell Perry & Associates, a polling firm which serves Democrats.Of the four | Read More »

    An Ad to counter Obama’s 30 Minute Informercial

    I put together this web ad yesterday on YouTube. All excerpts are from Meet The Press Jun 22 2008. It is remarkable how damning this is to Obama. You have the late Tim Russert questioning his integrity, Biden showing his disappointment and Hillary expressing her dismay. Here’s the ad: Honesty Counts (YouTube) Also, a great idea from James_Reynolds where he says that McCain should have | Read More »

    Obama is a Subliminal Terrorist

    Ever since I had heard that he is doing a so called 30 minute infomercial 6 days before the election, something has been gnawing at me about it. I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how he has mass produced a cult of zombie-like followers. I did a search on google and sure enough I am certain that Obama has been | Read More »

    Predictions for the next 16 days

    The Obama campaign has become so transparent and predictable that I can not believe I can not find a list posted anywhere. If these things were documented, they may actually be thwarted before they actually happen, or, at the very least, the ability to be prepared as the situations arise. I am not as proficient as most here but I would like to put forth | Read More »

    Interesting Article About Obama Campain Contributions? [Redacted]

    I occassionally get emails from a website listed as and, though I glance at most of these and delete them, there was a top story listing that caught my eye regarding Obama’s campaign contributions. This article talks about two obvious problems, with contributions amounts over the $4,600.00 limit having yet to be returned to the contributor or even being contacted by the Obama campaign | Read More »

    Obama Raises 150 Million in Spetember

    Obama raised 150 million in September and the DNC has 27.5 million in the bank I think any advantage RNC had now is gone. Lets be honest McCain is being outspent a lot here folks. Some quotes of MCCain on Fox today over this Speaking a few hours after Obama’s campaign reported raising a record $150 million in September, McCain said the overall sum the | Read More »

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    No Campaign Suspension Goes Unpunished

    Despite his initial rejection from the conservative base. Despite his poor speaking and debating skills. Despite his lack of funds. Despite sharing a party with an unpopular president. Despite his lack of media coverage all summer during a prolonged Democrat primary and despite the mainstream media acting as the public relations department of the DNC, John McCain still had a great chance to win this | Read More »

    Smarter advertising

    How many channels are on your cable package? I am guessing a whole lot. Many (most?) of them go unwatched at any time in a given day, yet they still survive. The obvious reason for that is that the modern TV audience is much more fragmented than it once was, which limits the reach of advertising campaigns, or at least the traditional ones. However, there | Read More »

    McCain Loyalty To Base..(not so much)

    There is a contract between any candidate and his supporters. I speak from a background of either managing or advising at least 2000 campaigns(city,state,and local.) Supporters sign on to spend their time,their money, and their reputations to do everything they can to achieve victory for their candidate..Candidates pledge all of the above to their supporters, plus must show they have the “fire in the belly” | Read More »