Boston College Faculty Donate Overwhelmingly to Obama and Democrats

    This story originally appeared on and was posted by Campus Services Coordinator Leigha Caron: Editor’s Note: Boston College’s independent conservative newspaper, The BC Observer, researched and published the overwhelming disparity in political donations made by the campus faculty. This information is of great interest to conservative alumni and prospective students; it can also garner significant media attention, as George Washington University’s Young America’s Foundation | Read More »

    A&M Professor: Rush Limbaugh “Lies,” Republicans Are “Crooks,” and Federal Gov’t Not Getting Bigger

    This story originally appeared on and was written by Campus Services Coordinator Tony Listi: Indoctrination of students in class by faculty who promote socialist ideas and other leftist priorities. Leftist faculty using their class time to preach politics instead of teaching the topic at hand. Faculty who express in class blatant contempt of conservative ideas. These are three of the 47 types of leftist | Read More »

    Students Fight Star-Spangled Banner Ban – and Win

    This story originally appeared on and was written by Emily Cochran: The Star-Spangled Banner was banned at Goshen College, a private, Mennonite school, because of, according to President Jim Brenneman, the college’s value of “compassionate peacemaking seeming to be in conflict with the anthem’s militaristic language” – referring to the “rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air” lyrics. Ryan Troyer, a sophomore computer | Read More »

    Van Jones, former “Green Jobs Czar,” now Princeton faculty

    This post originally appeared at and was written by Abigail Alger: Van Jones, President Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar,” resigned amid controversy in September 2009. Now he’s re-emerged in the public spotlight at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, and the Princeton University faculty.

    PSU students turn up the heat on Climategate Prof

    From the diaries by Erick This story first appeared on Last week, PSU Young Americans for Freedom Chairman Samuel Settle railed against a flimsy internal investigation by the Penn State administration into climate professor Michael Mann’s involvement in the Climategate scandal. Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Foundation, an independent public policy institute,reported on Mann’s involvement in mid-January and called for an independent investigation into Mann’s research. Following | Read More »

    Conservative activist fights restrictionist campus policies

    When the University of Kentucky liberal nanny state cracked down, sophomore Lance Wheeler was ready to fight back. Lance is a graduate of the Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School, where he learned the skills – and the creativity – of effective organization. His results speak for themselves. UK’s president banned all smoking on campus last November. His excuse: public health. But students resisted because they | Read More »

    On Training Conservative Activists

    In my last post, I discussed my goals through RedState: to inform and energize conservatives nationally to take action on university campuses. Daily, students are inundated with liberal ideology in the classroom and through percerse campus policies, oftentimes on the battlefield alone and unsure. Believe me, I was there. I remember being the only student to confront a professor in the classroom. I knew, though, | Read More »

    Fighting for the Right on Campus

    As this is my first post, I find it fitting to explain to readers why I am here and what I plan to do through this medium. The note reminds me “introductory or welcome messages, or other short posts must be placed in Open Threads,” but I feel that this will likely evolve into some level of commentary on the political climate on our college | Read More »